Monday, May 30, 2011

Save Fly to Australia

Save Fly from Jakarta to Australia

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Relative proximity of Indonesia and Australia is geographically advantageous for those who continue their studies at the State Kangaroo. The possibility of students to meet with the parents and brother sank become larger. Profit multiplied by the availability of air transport which offers economical packages.

AirAsia Indonesia to be part of those profits. Before opening the route flights to Australia, Indonesia AirAsia has done a lot of consideration. One of them saw the large number of Indonesian citizens who choose to study at the State Kangaroo. With connectivity, Jakarta (CGK)-Bali (DPS)-Perth (PER) or Darwin (DRW), those studying there have a choice to fly with the easy and efficient, especially by offering efficient flight seats from Air Asia.

Indonesia AirAsia officially opened the flight route from Indonesia to Australia since mid 2009. The launch route Bali (DPS)-Perth (PER) was conducted on May 5, 2009. The following year, precisely on November 23, 2010, Indonesia AirAsia announced the launch of the route terbari back from Bali to the capital of the State of Australia's Northern Territory, Darwin. The development of these two routes are very good, with an average occupy level (load factor) of approximately 80%.

Route flight frequencies Bali (DPS)-Perth (PER) is three times per day, while for the route Bali (DPS)-Darwin (DRW) 1x flights every day ..

Indonesia AirAsia always give promos or special offers in the form of cost-efficient airline seats (low fare) for flight routes from Bali, Indonesia to Perth and Darwin, Australia. Customers and prospective customers will simply buy a seat-saving flight to the routes.