Monday, July 4, 2011

Paris For A Moment

If Disneyland Paris is the center of entertainment that kids love, or the Galeries Lafayette are preferred by lovers of fashion, then the area around Avenue de Clichy is located in Butte Monmartre, is the 'entertainment center' that preferred a grown man. Like what the charm of the place formerly known as a venue for rendez-vous Paris urban middle class? Follow trip especially for you.

Mention the word 'Paris', the first thing that comes to mind is the Eiffel Tower. The building of 'a collection of steel drawn to the top' is indeed loomed among other buildings.

In addition, there are still two other high buildings that adorn the skyline of Paris in addition to the work of Gustave Eiffel tower is the Montparnasse Tower, a building 60-storey shops and offices are located in the left side of the River Seine divides Paris into two parts, and the other Basilique de Sacre again is Cœur, a church located in the 'peak' Monmartre Butte, the highest area of

Sacre Cœur church is a 'controversial' which was built in the 19th century. Called controversial because at the time construction was opposed by many people because it forms a dome that does not like the dome of the church in France in general. Sacre Cœur church dome shape is more like the dome of the mosque and made of white marble stones. But as time went by, the existence of Sacre Cœur socially acceptable, even arguably the church has now become one of the most important Parisian icon beside the Eiffel and the Arc de Triomphe.

From the top of the dome of the church, we could see the aerial view of Paris, and if the weather is nice, we could even see in the distance the Eiffel tower and Montparnasse tower.

Not far from Sacre Cœur, there is a colony of artists (painting) is famous for is called the Place du Tertre. The painters and caricaturists from different countries gathered in this place often while holding merchandise while offering services to tourists there to be painted at a cost varying between 10-25 Euros (1 Euro = + / - USD 12,000) for one painting, depending on the smart- cleverness of our bid.

When we walked down the staircase that was built just across the Sacre Cœur church, or if we choose to save time and effort by using funiculaire to pay 2 Euros each way, then we will arrive at Place Saint Pierre packed with shops, sellers cheap souvenirs, money changers and also various cafes and restaurants.

From Place Saint Pierre, row souvenir shop, money changer, cafes and restaurants are still we can find by browsing to a small street that is located rue de Steinkerque right vis-à-vis the Sacre Cœur church, connecting it with a big street Boulevard de Rochechouart, a place where "Heaven is The Man 'at the Paris.

In addition to the Basilique de Sacre Cœur, one of the reasons why the Butte Monmartre always packed group of foreign tourists in this area is that there is a building known cabaret with a red windmill symbol: Moulin Rouge. Moulin Rouge's reputation as one of the world's most popular cabaret show was a bit shaky because of its presence in the midst of an environment laden with the impression of 'tilt' is.

Being at 82, Boulevard de Clichy - Place Pigalle, heart 'red-light district' of Paris-in the midst of a crowd of sex shop, a con-artist and the practice of prostitution and street drug dealers, make some people reluctant to visit there after sunset , whereas most of the cabaret at the Moulin Rouge has always held the night before until after midnight. But thanks to the musical box-office movie titled the same as in 2001, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge fame shining again in the midst of business competition in Paris cabaret show.

Indeed, in addition to the Moulin Rouge, Paris also has some other famous cabaret venue. Lido de Paris for example, located at 116 bis, Avenue des Champs-Elysees, has a reputation as a cabaret venue for an elegant board exclusively, while there is also the Crazy Horse Saloon, located not far from the Lido de Paris, or rather at 12, Avenue George V and the Paradis Latin is designed and founded by Gustave Eiffel, located at 28 rue Cardinal Lemoine.

Moulin Rouge by Toulouse-Lautrec was set to start its first show on October 6, 1889, famous French cancan dance its duration of 8 minutes in which the dancers wear fringe and lace full of red-white-blue, the color of the French flag. Shown at the Moulin Rouge stage is the dream of most professional dancers, as well as appearing on the Broadway stage in New York for the perpetrators of dramatic arts. Because it would not be surprised if this time, the dancers from the Moulin Rouge at least 15 countries have an average of at least 175 cm for the posture of female dancers and 185 cm for men.

Cabaret at places like the Moulin Rouge was able to suck up a lot of attention because of the expertise combines elements of exoticism and eroticism with the beautiful. Some dances deliberately showing scantily clad girls with the chest open alias (sorry ....) Topless. Even in some big events, the dancers appear more daring again. However, as packaged in such a way, the impression is shown away from the vulgar and 'cheap'.

Building that could accommodate 800 spectators and has 80 waiters are a big boon for careers several well-known French artists like Jean Gabin, Henri Garat and Yvette Guibert. The world famous artists such as Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Elton John and Edith Piaf had also appeared on stage themed 'Féerrie' (or in English means Fairy Tales / world of fairy tales) are setting the decor has never changed during more than 60 years.

With a penalty of 90 Euro per person to watch world-class cabaret show lasted 90 minutes plus half a bottle of French champagne, or 125 Euro per person including dinner packages complete a la France, it seems it would make a visit to Butte Monmartre into something memorable .
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