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Hidden Charm Of Singapore

Keong Saik Road Singapore

Executive summary By Darmansjah

Exploring culture in Singapore can be an interesting experience. State which consists of four main tribes, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian can be could as a melting pot of this. This time AvonturGuide.Blogspot.Com invite you to see the other side of Keong Saik Road in Singapore that is rich in diverse cultures.

Ann Siang Road

Part of Chinatown, Keong Saik Road is one of the region's legendary boutique hotel in Singapore where located, unique shops, sellers legendary salt pork, restaurants, coffee shops to art galleries. In contrast to the hustle and bustle of Chinatown and filled with tourists, food stalls, and shouting in various Chinese dialects, Keong Saik Road has a more tranquil atmosphere and cool. Located close to the bus station and Outram Park MRT station, Keong Saik Road is a connecting road between Neil Road and New Bridge Road. Because it lies in the middle, where it has direct access to various parts of Chinatown are different from Smith Street and Ann Siang Road is quiet and classic, or the Maxwell and the People's Park which is a shopping and gastronomic.

Outram Park MRT station

District formerly known as the red light district in the 1960s opened a new leaf since the Singapore government through the Urban Redevelopment Authority to clean and renew old shop houses that form a line neat here. Still facade art deco exterior look like the same time with the 1920's, now Keong Saik Road as if reborn as a classy district of vibrant and colorful. As if to give a touch of classic and vintage, a series of three-storey shophouses along this path look graceful in the middle of the building of modern skyscrapers that became a common sight in the city of lions.
Maxwell Road in the night

maxwell hawker

the People's Park

What you can see in this area? If you want to see the culture of Hindus from India, visit Layor Sithi Vinayagar Tempel built in 1920. This temple is a place special prayer to Lord Ganesha. A variety of Ganesha's head ornament of the exterior decoration of this temple. You want getting souvenirs typical of Singapore? In this way you can shop at Kim Hock Seng has been running pieces of shredded meat and salt pork for 30 years! No less comfortable with other famous brands, Kim Hock Seng every day just to sell a certain quantity of meat to maintain freshness. Make sure you book in advance if you want to buy in large quantities. Do not forget to visit the Rose Citron a local creative shop that has a product with a rare design made of patterned fabric pull imported from all over the world. Get a variety of knick-knacks here ranging from towels, kids clothes, eating utensils, gloves passport, pouch and more. Each of Mising products here are not mass produced so that the product you have is not the same as anyone else.

Layor Sithi Vinayagar Tempel built in 1920

Your trip would be complete without tasting the local food here. As one of the culinary center singapore, Keong Saik has a variety of options for you. Option that we recommend The shop Yanti Authentic Nasi Padang meal. As the name implies this shop offers desert cuisine cooked with special spices imported from Indonesia. In contrast to other fields of food stalls, Yanti Authentic nasi Padang owned by citizens of Indonesia also has a promotional free meals 2 times a year specifically to celebrate the Lunar and independence of the Republic of Singapore on 9 August. If you want a little adventurous, you can visit the restaurant Donoma Urban American Cusine, Nicolas Le Restaurant or Pasta Inc serving European cuisine. You can also sit at Hawker stalls along this road to taste the local flavor, of course with a cheap price. When night falls, pubs and bars along Keong Saik Road can also be the right choice to relax.

Yanti Authentic nasi Padang 

Depending on the budget you have, Keong Saik Road has a wide selection of budget hotels and boutique hotels. Keong Saik Hotel, Chinatown Hotel, Hotel 81 Cosy or The Royal Peacok Hotel offers a fairly economical lodging rate per night. While piliha boutique hotel here did not lose much. Available options attractive boutique hotel like the g Hotel, Hotel 1929, Reagal Inn and the Saff. As a newcomer to most new boutique hotel is the Saff, sister hotel of the boutique hotel The Scarlet which began operating in Novermber 2010. Presenting the concept of a boutique hotel with a touch of Spain, Persia, Morocco, Turkey and India, this hotel berkaratkter sexy, mysterious and seductive all at once!

the Smith Street

Ann Siang Hill

When the sun sets and you have to explore snail Saik Road, do not forget to stop by the Smith Street or the Ann Siang Hill is located on the other side of Chinatown to continue your adventure! Who says Singapore has only luxury shopping center, the streets filled with people of Indonesia and various expensive department stores?

When To Go

The best time to visit this region is the afternoon until the evening when matahri was not so hot. You can use the MRT and get off at the nearest station is Outram Park and Chinatown, or get off at the bus station Cneter Pearl, then walk about five minutes to reach this place.

What's Around

Once satisfied to see the shops in this area, you can walk to Chinatown and barrels Bahru to continue the adventure. Slightly further afield visit the marina bay area, the Esplanade and Clarke Quay.

Where To Stay

Hotel 1929, 50 Keong Saik Road, Singapore tel. +65 6347 1929 e.mail; www.hotel

The Saff, 55 Keong Saik Road, Singapore tel. +65 6221 8388 e.mail;

Keong Saik Hotel, 69 Keong Saik Road, tel. +65 6223 0660; e.mail;

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