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Alternative Holidays in End of Year

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Entering the fourth quarter of the current year, many people are planning a year-end holidays. Especially if you intend going on holiday abroad, it should be planned from the far-distant day.


End of the year is always anticipated. Holiday period of Christmas and New Year be a good time to bring your spouse and beloved baby to new experiences. Now is an advanced question, going to where the holidays. To answer, here are some of the favorite tourist destinations that could be an option.


For those who like to trace the history, culture, and architecture, one of a very attractive tourist destination to visit is Turkey. As a country located on the border of Europe and Asia, Turkey presents the cultural assimilation of the two continents. This country store many of the ancient Roman civilization heritage into a tourist attraction in itself.

Cultural heritage

Take the example of Canakkale, one of the UNESCO world cultural heritage sites located in Turkey. In this place can be found the legendary site of Troy complete with his wooden horse. Then, visitors can capture the moment in Pamukkale or Cotton Castle, which is a typical ancient Turkish baths, which also has been recognized by UNESCO.


Shifted to Aisa, destinations that are not less interesting is Erlongshan located in Harbin, China. Here tourists can sail surf on white snow and the air is so cold. In addition, visitors can also come to the Ice Light Zhaolin Park, as well as posing in front of the ice carvings are spectacular in the Sun Island Park and Snow Ice World. The cold is biting would have melted a warm smile when looking at the little one also participated in this wonderful journey.

Snow Ice World

Sun Island Park

Ice Light Zhaolin Park

Still in Asia, other countries are growing much demand is  South Korean. Perhaps something to do with the growing popularity of the films made ​​by this State Ginseng.

jeju island
nami island

Visited South Korea, here turn your partner smiling affectionately. Especially when set foot on the Nami Island, which was the location of manufacture of the romantic drama serial, Winter Sonata. Nuances of intimacy will be more thick felt the Jeju Island, which earned the nickname Honeymoon Island for its natural beauty is stunning. Moreover, while posing alone in her hanbok, South Korean traditional clothing in rich colors, while enjoying kimchi, Korean traditional foods are sour-spicy taste reluctant to end tripin South Korea.

If you want to experience an exciting trip and a little thrilling, Continent of Australia offers many interesting tourist attractions, especially for the children. Different experiences your child will be obtained by visiting Tangalooma. Here, he can watch and feed wild dolphins at sea, on safari across the desert with a vehicle that qualified for this arean, and try sand tobogganing or skating sand. Of course, the baby was not going to refuse visiting Dreamworld where he could try a lot of exciting rides, plus a look at the process of shearing wool and meet directly with kangaroos and koalas, and Movie World.

As if not to be outdone, the City of Orlando, United States, also offers exciting adventure for the little guy. Shown as a prima donna is not the other two world-class theme park, Walt Disney World and Universal World Studios. Not surprisingly, many families are also choosing the country of Uncle Sam as a tourist destination.

For most children, the charisma of Santa Claus was so thick in this enchanting heart. Therefore, the way to the village of Santa Claus is sure to be curious and eagerly awaited her beloved baby. Here, your child can take pictures at the post office of Santa, where millions of children from around the world lifted the hopes and demands, and can sit directly on Santa's lap, the father of the children of the world that white beard and big belly that.

Plan Early

Christmas and New Year holiday indeed offers a million wonders for everyone. Naturally, if the holiday period many parties regard as the most appropriate time for sightseeing.

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