Monday, February 27, 2012

Bali Safari and Marine Park

A Holiday AdventureBy darmansjah
Many people choose Bali as a holiday destination with a variety of reasons. Island of the Gods is not only famous for its stunning natural, but also a myriad of activities that can be done. One place to spend your vacation time and family is the Bali Safari and Marine Park is located in Herzliya.
And an area of ​​more than 40 acres, Bali Safari and Marine Park serves recreational areas that offer a range of knowledge about animals. There are a variety of activities that can be done by you and your family, one of which is Safari Journey. This activity invites participants traveling to all areas of Bali Safari and Marine Park, surf the native habitat of the animals from Indonesia, India, and Africa. You also can directly touch the animals, of course with the supervision of experienced guards. The professional guide who will explain the variety of information about the animal's habitat, while you sit comfortably in the safari tram a safe and air-cooled. Conservation mission has made Bali Safari and Marine Park is home to more than 60 species of animals, including rare and protected species. As part of the Taman Safari Indonesia, one of the park has a diverse collection of rare animals such as elephants, white tigers, leopards, dragons, fish, piranhas, and cheetahs. In addition to Safari Journey. You could also try Elephant Back Safari elephant riding is an activity to get around this region. Or maybe you and your family want to watch Elephant Show, where the elephants perform a variety of attractions that funny and entertaining.
Marine Park conservation area is to offering a charming fresh water aquarium. Glass tubes become home to thousands of fish a variety of forms from different parts of the world. There are nearly 40 species of fish that blend with the natural vegetation such as algae and freshwater algae. Here, you can see super red arowana fish which is the most famous of Borneo. You can even hold directly on the white tip shark touch pools that are safe for children. A time to yourself to look at feeding time the fish are piranhas, the pad at 10:30 and 16:00 each day.
In addition to educational tours of the animal. You can also do other variety activities in this place. Ranging from cultural attractions to enjoy treats such as dance performances and learning ballinese dance, learn to make sadjen, or simply take a picture with a parrot or baby orangutans are benign. Last year's largest wildlife park on the island of Bali is Balinese Theater operates every day presents a theatrical show a colossal Bali Agung. Other recreational activities you can do here is visit The Water Park with water slides and 7 pieces rides and other water suitable for your entertainment and family agenda. Not only that, there are also subordinates-subordinates interesting fun zones such as climbing car, merry-go-round, and go go bouncer. Some of the major rides include jungle cruise, spinning coaster, flame ride, boom boom boats, and bumper car which certainly test your adrenaline.
After a day of activities do not forget to give intake on your stomach. Some places to eat like Uma Restaurant and Tsavo Kon Restaurant will host you with a variety of dishes typical of Bali, Indonesia, and international. Souvernir varied from Bali Safari and Marine Park can be found in the Safari Wonder Store. For those of you like to stay available yagn Mara River Safari Lodge as your holiday accommodation complete with family.

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