Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gujarat Tourism

executive summary by darmansjah

Gujarat Tourism in Ahmedabad city where tourism is so comfortable and beautiful. there is a tourist city that contains a museum Ahmedabad, Calico Textile Museum is considered among the best in the world. Tourism City of Ahmedabad is a city that became living testimony to the legacy of handicrafts made ??by women to create a dazzling embroidered garments and flashing ethnic silver jewelry. 

Traditional Ahmedabad combines mosques inspired workmanship, wooden Jain temples, unique stone stepwells and home with ornate carved wooden balconies and window screens.

Gujarat Tourism map precisely located across the river Sabarmati spanned by four bridges, is an exhibition of contemporary architecture with designs by Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and architect of India’s best known. Tourism in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat is a place of tourist visits so comfortable.

Most beautiful beaches in Gujarat Tour – and the country well endowed with them – is Ahmedpur Mandvi whose chief attraction is the ethnic beach resort. Cottages are modeled on rural Gujarati architecture look out onto a secluded beach, yet so charming and beautiful. Here are some photos from Gujarat Tourism in Ahmedabad city.


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