Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Edirne, Turkey Hidden Gem

original text by Vera Yumira, executive summary by darmansjah

Although our visit was short, but unique Edirne has stolen our hearts. Cities in Turkey's northwest side is a hidden gem that has not been widely known beauty. Located 235 kilometers from Istanbul, Edirne is a 2.5 hour bus ride. Originally the capital of the Ottoman Empire was Edirne (1365-1453), later changed Constantinople (Istanbul). "Neighbors" Greece and Bulgaria was once dubbed, "Happiness Gate" because during the reign of Murat II by Mehmet IV filled celebration of the victory the conquest of other regions. But Evliya Celebi, the legendary Ottoman nomads, called him, "City of Perpetual Heartache", because it is often battered enemy.

One of the beautiful buildings, Selimiye Mosque, which was built on the orders of Sultan Selim II in 1569-1575, and was designed by Mimar Sinan, Mimar Sinan is Ottoman famous architect. Before entering the mosque, we drove through the covered market in Arastasi Selimiye mosque complex, shaped 255 meter long hallway with rows of shops on either side. The interior of the mosque is very beautiful, where in the middle there is a wooden structure like a marquee décor Edirne with the 16th century were dominated by gold and plant motifs. In the hall there is a shower of white marble with seven holes. Available copper glasses for anyone who wants to drink the water.

Other objects of interest in Edirne is an ancient stone bridge spanning the River Meric. Before returning to Istanbul, we bought souvenir dolls dressed in traditional Bulgarian.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Exotic and Historical Tourism in Turkey

By darmansjah

like to amaze the eyes of the world created. Not only synonymous with modernization, Europe also has many beautiful tourist sites. There are several countries in Europe an attractive place to visit. One of them is Turkish.

State that some of the region lies on the Continent and in part on the continent of Asia is the perfect be the destination country. Starting from the beaches, beautiful islands, historic and religious buildings, to the various relics of high historical value contained in the majority of the Turkish nation adherents of Islam. In other words, every region in Turkey has its own uniqueness.

, for example, one of the old city in Turkey and is Helensis era relic known as the holy city. Because the city has a shrine to the offering  the Goddess Aprhordite or  Goddes of Beauty.

In Aphrodisias are building the gladiators fought. Local men clashing maintain self-esteem and showed the strongest to the Goddess. The battle of about 30,000 spectators who witnessed it will stop if a gladiator pathetic lay dead at the hands of opponents.

Other exotic city is Herapolis which is the holy city relics of Roman second century BC. Stand firm in this city a number of temples built by the Romans. In addition, visitors can see dozens and necropolis sarcophagi, coffins were made of stone. Herapolis known theater building and also has a philosophical school.

Region is no less interesting is the province of Denizli in Turkey, which means sea. The province is known as the largest producer of cotton textile mill that was established. In this place there is a hill called Pamukale. These hills are white like cotton which is the origin of the word Pamukale. Pamukale favorite sights in the hot water pemandiaan. Menggandung calcium and mineral water is very high that it believed to cure rheumatism.
Pamukkale is a natural wonder which is also known as the “Cotton Castle”. This exotic site is located in the Denizli Province which is in the south western region of Turkey. This site is famous all around the world for its terraces of carbonate minerals which are formed due


to the flowing water. At this place you can also find travertines and hot springs. This world famous site appears like a Cotton Castle that is why various people from all around the world come to visit this place.

The ancient city of Hierapolis was located here many centuries ago and it is now completely in ruins. The water that comes through an underground source in this area is said to be a cure for various diseases. Many thermal hotels are also located very near to Pamukkale.

History of Pamukkale
The sacred city of Hierapolis was built around the warm water spring by the Romans, many centuries ago. Pamukkale Town’s sacred pool is still there and a large number of trekkers stop at this place in order to admire the exotic views.  In order to improve this spa area and to encourage tourism, the local people undertook a revolution in 1999. The ruins of the historic city of Hierapolis cover a large area of this region.

Attrctions located near Pamukkale
Some wonderful attrctions and tourist locations that you can visit here are:
  • Byzantine Gate
  • Necropolis Cemetery
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Plutonium
  • Colonnaded Street
Geographical importance of this place
The sparkling white calcareous castles at this site are basically formed due to the limestone-laden thermal springs that create unusual and attractive formations like cataracts, stalactites and potholes. The water that flows from the terraces mainly contains carbon-dioxide and calcium salts. The exquisite formation which is present at Pamukkale is the result of the gradual formation caused due to various different elements. There is a great pool located in this area which is now known as the “Sacred Pool” and people can swim here without paying any fee.

Great benefits of the “Sacred Pool”
Bathing in the Sacred Pool can be highly advantageous for you as the water is very good for the eyes and the skin. It is known to have cured various diseases like rheumatism, asthma and many others.

If you are planning a holiday in Turkey then you must visit the “Cotton Castle” of Pamukkale. This fairyland location would surely mesmerize your senses.

Visit Turkey, do not complete if it did not stop in the Province of Antalia. This region is rich with beautiful beaches and exotic. Even in this province there is a waterfall directly into the sea. Landscape around the waterfalls can make you momentarily forget the fatigue life is!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


NOT tired of looking at the steel tower

By Hendra Noor Saleh, executive summary by darmanjsah

This is the symbol of the resurrection of the land that collapsed after World War II ended. 333 m high tower was inspired anyone, how a nation that went through a phase in his life bitter to rise, strong and excel. That is why I have never tired of stopping in this tower. At least, five times I set foot in Tokyo Tower for a span of 15 years.

The tower officially named Denpato Nippon (Japan Radio Waves Tower) has entered the age of 53 in late 2011. During that time, the building has attracted 150 million visitors a variety of nations. Including me, of course. This number is not a joke, because it means that almost 70% of Indonesia's population, or 15 times the number of people in Jakarta.

Of course, the decoy was not much sense of the transmitter tv, radio and other communication devices. Here, there is room for visitor to main observation at an altitude of 120 m to 125 m. besides special observation at an altitude of 250 m. I love to be at that height. There's room through the glass to the bottom. Thus, people often ask him in the photo on this place. But the most spectacular is that we can enjoy the view of Tokyo city from almost all sides. Moreover viewer tool equipped facilities. One time I came when weather friends. As a result, I can enjoy the beauty of the mountain landscape of fuji, mount hakone, Mount Tsukuba, Kanagawa prefecture, Saitama to Chiba.

The idea of ​​the construction of the tower is actually triggered by the rapid growth of television industry after the war. In 1953, the government-owned broadcasting towers stood, called NHK. A month later, some television stations, such as Nippon TV (NTV) and TBS also build different towers. Seeing this trend, the government would imagine the city look bad with the presence of the towers.

So, why not put together right? As a result, Hisakichi Maeda, a newspaper publisher of the lucky Osaka assigned to head the project. Under the banner of cooporation Takenaka, Maeda managed to raise 2.8 billion yen capital. without bothering to, the Eiffel Tower in Paris to be a reference. If Eiffel high as 320 m, the Tokyo Tower exceeded about 13 m. Since the beginning of construction on June 29, 1957, declared the project completed 15 months later. Since December 23, 1958 is open to the public.

Maeda had ambitions to build a tower higher than the Empire State Building in the US. (381 m), the tallest building record time. But apparently it was not enough capital. Thus, only 333 m high tower. after all, the height was still listed as the highest steel tower over the world.

Shape of the tower was inspired by or referring to the Eiffel. The form created as closely as possible. The difference is calculated Eiffel weights 7,000 tons, while the Tokyo Tower is about half. Why be so? Apparently, due to the recent development is present. Maeda also have the opportunity to choose a high-tech steel that has a lighter weight but sturdy.

 He was a tall, make a tower located in Shiba Park area and has become a recognizable symbol of the city of Tokyo, even Japan. Because the rules of civil aviation, steel frame tower must be painted orange and white. For this purpose, spent 140 drums of paint or the equivalent of 28,000 liters.

Of course, the broadcast transmitter tower is not only interesting from the technology. The Government was aware, the tower has become a marker of the city. The government then put 176 lights to illuminate it with different spec. When night falls, enrich the beauty of the city glow. As a result, I was never bored.

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