Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Danger Power Plant

FAMOUS TOUR RIGHT at the north end zone of fracture is Myvatn, a lake known for its diversity of shallow water bird species (including 25 species of duck) and geological uniqueness: the fracture contains hot springs that can swim; Hverfjall ash crater, formed by a single eruption; Dimmuborgir , aka Dark Castle, tangled maze of volcanic rocks and 'pseudocraters, "bursts of water vapor from the molten lava. This lake also has a spa which utilizes geothermal, Myvatn Nature Baths, a mini version of the Blue Lagoon spa.

I want to explore the area to the north, where there Krafla volcano whose existence is threatened by a network of geothermal power plants are built nearby in the 1970s. One volcanic eruption, leaving fissures. Magma out of the other hole. Over the years, "Krafla Fires" spewing its contents. During a visit in 1981, I explored a layer of black lava (remind me to check the shoes).

Three decades passed and lava ... it's still the same! Black. now, we crossed it. Lava flows covering the grassy valley, "As someone paved landscape," Sally said, "and walked away." Apparently it took decades, even centuries until the moss and grass here can breed.

Operating geothermal power enough good here and worth a look. There is a jeep track to the area on the northern tip nicknamed Gjastykki, but the area was closed, waiting for the declaration of a geothermal power plant proposed by Omar. Gjastykki is parallel cracks where you can find out how on earth to form new crack.

"But you can not come before the place is equipped wells, pipelines and power lines," Omar complained. "It makes no sense!"

People like Omar and Bjork have run out of patience. "You can make a lot of money to develop tourism," a geologist argued. Should Gjastykki used for industry or preserved as a world heritage site? So this is debatable.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Among Glaciers

UPHILL CONSTANTLY paved roads to agricultural areas in the south. From the top of a pick-up capacity of 4 people, we see the vegetation thinning, shrinking agricultural land, the land dried up, and the sky seemed closer horizon away. In 40 minutes we move from the countryside to the cozy Highlands, is uninhabited and barren. F26 replaced with asphalt roads, or paths Sprengisandur, which parallel the crack zone. Unpaved road dust is large enough to pass two vehicles and only opened in the summer.

You can go through the pathways along nearly 200 miles in a day, as long as the weather and water levels permitting. Several hours passed, it seems glacier Hofsjokull meets the horizon on the west side, as well as several mountain peaks. “I've climbed that it, and that was years ago," Inga, mountaineers senior, said. "Glaciers melting," he added. We passed through one corner of the largest national parks in Europe, Vatmajokull. Same name for the glacier here, also the largest in Europe. At the heart buried beneath the caldera.

Under Vatmajokull, tendrils flood-magma-Formatting a hot spot volcano Grimsvotn, that erupted in 1966, 1998, and 2004. The last eruption was 152 m melt ice in an hour and spewing ash that reached Finland. Some geologists reveal areas that may destroy in part the earth's crust as nails destroy weathered wooden planks. If there is a point that separates Europe and North America, it's here.

In the summer season, the sun still lit up at six o'clock, as we descended the valley Krokdalur. We admired the series of waterfalls formed by glaciers. Back to the asphalt road. As evening approached, we arrived at the inn near a charming north coast Husavik, which is the area to see the whales. Husavik economy now depends on the people who are interested in seeing whales in the open sea NDI their dinner plates.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

ISLANDS source of fire

WE GET TO the south side, where there are gaps that later gave rise to land just off the coast. We follow a line along the excavation through the confines of dust (tephra) on Heimaey, the main island in the Westman Islands, on the south coast of Iceland. Rounded the corner, we see things puih poking around the corner. It is a terraced roof.

The place is nicknamed "Pompei of the North." A sign bearing the name of the family who lived here before January 23, 1973, when the fracture Vestmannaeyjar devastated port city. Fortunately, sedan fleet anchored, when molten lava to spread further, evacuation efforts amounted to 5300 lives could be implemented in a matter of hours. Arni tells us how his friend Johann Johanson recalled that eruption. "He was 12 years old when it happened. On the day of the evacuation, the mother forced the family to flee to finish breakfast before the ship. Ah, the Iceland! Sure eruptions can wait while you finish oatmeal.

The eruption formed a new mountain and devastated 300 homes. Battalion seek vessels using stem the lava tube, and presumably their efforts succeed. Lava flows caught before reaching the port, although many houses collapsed, unable to resist his thick ash.

When I first came here in the summer of 1973, a new eruption ended, the ash still covered the slopes. Yet there are people who come back, but the workers and international volunteers have cleared the whole town. The announcement echoed in Reykjavik Airport warned travelers Heimaey if you want to walk on the black lava to use anti-fire footwear. At that time, local tour guide took me to a house two-thirds share of ash buried. With great difficulty we climbed to reach the upstairs window, broke through the bedroom.  "This is the door leading downstairs," he said, and we opened it. Hot humid air that wafted. Vapor granules that meet the ceiling fell. He shut the door.

Now, 39 years later, we enjoyed lunch at the cafe Kro, where tourists from Reykjavik for the weekend and watch the movie-documentary about the history of past eruptions. To me, it seemed just yesterday.

In 1974, local residents take advantage of lava to warm up the whole town had just recovered. Now, meet the needs of geothermal heat and hot water for 92% of the building. A first-time travelers to Reykjavik told me after he defecated in the toilet:  "One of the taps were connected to the glacier and the other to hell." Reykjavik also warms most streets and sidewalks. In 1980, geothermal power plant was built 47 km on the Reykjanes peninsula. Later this became the Blue lagoon spa, superior tourist-packed with people who like to soak in mineral water colored cobalt. But geothermal power, which I think is the most secure new energy, even sparked debate. After the economic crisis in 2008, when the currency kronur dropped by 76% against the dollar, the leaders of this country too willing-will, according to some people trade two Icelandic natural resources, fish and energy. The third source is the natural scenery that attracts tourists. And it sparked controversy.

On the way back to our friend's cottage, I read the English-language biweekly tabloid, Reykjavik Grapevine, yagn contains letters to the debate surrounding the geothermal plant. Merke involved debate among other singers Björk and Ross Beaty, CEO of Magma Energy Corp., Company-owned geothermal Canada. The company has signed a contract with the government, according to Beaty, will be very profitable. Bjork said the geothermal landscape will hurt, and gave off a lot of volcanic gases into the air. I remember Omar saying about geothermal cracks which be built in the north. That's our next goal.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Black glacier

Arriving in ICELAND, I put the question to my friends lam, Ingibjor (Inga) and Arni G. Eliasdorttir Sigurdsson, around the Eyjafjallajokull volcano is more active on the east side.
"Will Katla erupts?"
I do not want to know the origin. Katla is great. When he broke out, the ice melted, the size of the Amazon River flood vent-called bad jokulhlaup or explosion glacier-pass land to the sea coast. Ready to eliminate anything in this area, including some of Ring Road around Iceland.
Inga shrugged. "As far as I've nearly erupted Katla." We sat together at the last supper at the cottage owned by Inga and Arni in Grimsnes, about an hour from Reykjavik In 2008, they never saw the earthquake triggered landslides.
Katla non active every 70 years, at least 50 years. Three times Eyjafjalljokull first erupted, Katla followed about a year or two years later.
We met Inga, inspector general cleanliness, and Arni, retired airline captain, 16 years ago while vacationing in the Caribbean. Since then, we exchange visits with these couples. For them, living near a volcano that erupts every few years has become a part of life. "The pilots are trained to fly in the mountains." Arni said. "Usually it is best to fly under the cloud of ash, because of the volcano spewed ash so high."

In 2010, the eruption resulted in the crater summit Eyjafjalljokull eastern chap, and create two new mountain. Inga climbing photo exhibit at the end of May two years ago after the eruption. "This is a new mountain," he said with pride: We are "Creating the" mountains in Iceland. In the northern slopes of the volcano, the lava flowed down the shallow layers of the glacier, breaking down the ice, creating ice cliffs that make Omar insisted invited me to fly around it.
We drove to east Eyjafjalljokull use 4WD pick-up truck belonging Arni glowing red. Tip of the iceberg crowned morning fog - black, not white. "As there is nothing wrong in the sky," said Sally. Ash 60 to 90 centimeters thick glacier covering the volcano.
We stopped at a shopping center and rushed encounter Thorey, wife of pilot friend Arni. Ash from eruptions and floods, he said, stopping way back to Reykjavik as she and her husband for a weekend in South Beach. To get home, they have to drive direction along the road for two days. He pointed to a dog in his car, which was named after the volcano. "His name Eyjafjallaskotthildur."
"You call him by that name?" I asked.
"See the tail? White at the tip and the rest black - same as ash-covered glacier white, "said Thorey. He looked at the dog lovingly saying, "We call him Skotta supa shorter."
Now, near Hvolsvollur, Arni drove us to meet Omar, who was waiting in the lobby of a hotel, wearing a jacket and tie. I could not resist the invitation to fly, and we also headed airfield where there are battered his Cessna. Sally gave a kiss that made ​​me not sure I can "back safe." Omar and I was wearing a seatbelt and take off. Within minutes we were flying over the river and through the valley of land shaded by trees immediately to the top of Eyjafjalljokul’s glacier . Looks like a fallen soufflé and burned the top.

"That cliff," exclaimed Omar against the roar of the engine. Looks ice tower black white and gray. The pilot flew low across the mist-exciting-but-not comforting. "I think I can fly down there," Omar cried. Oh, my goodness.
In turn and drift back to the top, then fall sharply. We flew zig-zag under a layer of mist, cliffs, walls of ice barely clinging wing. He reduced speed, flying a plane with one hand while photographing them. Either the pilot or pilots fail reliable. Flight time is bad.

The cliff was "something that might not be seen again by man, especially if global warming melt the glaciers," Omar said at all after we landed (while I was still out of breath). For him, the change was remarkable geological Iceland. Miscellaneous faults, cracks, depression, volcanic vents, as tectonic plates separating mainland Europe and North America. Two major fissure zone in southern Iceland drain the hot water and forms a new volcanic mountains.

Zone of the western part of the sea swell, making Rekyjanes Peninsula, then turned to Reykjavik, where there Thingvellir. In this valley MPs in the heyday of Viking outdoor meeting space, precisely at the edge of a fracture; Geysir, the shower's hot.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Playing Ice in Summer

Playing Ice in Summer

By darmansjah

Winter is interesting for those who live in a tropical country like Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Playing the snow, forming notable figures from the ice, or simply enjoying the temperature and wind chill bones and hurt the skin could be a form of entertainment that appeals to the whole family.

However, that does not mean it can only be felt pleasure during the winter alone. In the summer time too, you can feel his experience and sensation of cold that freezes the ice and snow, among others at Ice World 2012 in Macao Resort Hotel, held until 16 September 2012.

Ice World is one of the most spectacular places in Macau today, and tourists can visit her as in previous years. As in last year's exhibition was a success,
with nearly a quarter of a million visitors enjoy unique activities this summer, hopefully, the same expectations for this season anyway.

Ice world that is becoming more popular in the eyes of world travelers is one effort Sands China Ltd to further strengthen the business and to vacation in the wilderness monopoly business and tourist spending in Macau. Not merely as a business center and shopping, but also as one of the major tourist destinations in the world!.
Steps strategic business behavior is in fact supported by the Macao Government Tourist Office (MGTO), Ice World 2012 which covers only 18.000 square meters and the temperature is set close to minus 8 degrees Celsius is divided into ten zones featuring sculptures made into works of artists ice sculpture they are so majestic and awesome.

Besides landmarks in Asia, also displayed sculptures by artists who have won the carving sculptures made of ice.

And do not worry about a frosty atmosphere as the organizers have provided entertainment for member convenience hooded coat for every visitor.
Now, you simply set the cost of travel to the budget over the winter to be ready to feel like you are in the white snow.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Life at the Top of the caldera

Life at the Top of the caldera
Share author traveled Vulkan in Iceland Glacier yagn hooks to Black, heated controversy, and learning coexist with Lava.

Text by Jonathan B Tourtellot (is National Geographic Fellow), executive summary by darmansjah
"I was able to fly you to vulkan!" Cried the enthusiastic pilot. "This is a rare opportunity! We'll fly low zig-zag between the ice cliff. "He moves his hands like a wriggling snake, adding:" Flying lower the better. Flying high could hit the cliff. "Then he told me about the wonders of lava, the greatness of nature, carelessness government-things I do not know. Vulkan or mountain berapai it, Eyjafjallajokull, erupted two years ago. Blankets ashes crippling road and air traffic in Europe for days-the worst disaster after World War II (called, "that vol-CANE-oh in ICE-land").

The pilot was the Icelandic versatile, Omar Ragnarsson, 70, radio entertainers, filmmakers, newscasters, journalists, comedians, politicians, and environmental activists. In the summer, he wrote a blog about the dangers that threaten the countryside in Iceland. He wrote what he saw from the cockpit of his Cessna 172 for the 35-year-old opener people about Eyjafjallajokull (read: Ehya-fyettala-yuh-kuttle).

I'm doubtful. It seems not a good idea surrender my life to the aging pilot who likes to fly this plane passed. Especially my wife, Sally, had intended traveled vulcan in Iceland (this trip with his wife for the third time, and I personally the sixth time). We never get tired of enjoying the diversity as well as natural and cultural uniqueness of the country inhabited around 309 000 inhabitants. While Virginia hit by a humid summer, we have reason to fly to Iceland to experience the cold dry, volcanic eruptions as well.

Iceland topped the Mid-Atlantic ridge, belt mountains and valleys where the eruptive fissure periodic basis to expand the Atlantic Ocean. We want to experience living in settlements frenzy, down the active volcano area of the south coast after the Westman Islands, wading interior Arctic, to the city of Husavik on the northeast coast. Just what we worry about: Will the recent eruption attract crowds of tourists?

Thursday, January 2, 2020


THE NEXT DAY, I arrived at Okuiya Niju Kazurabashi, or the twin bridges. I walked down a hundred steps to the bridge are still visible spectral-tangle of vines stretching over the river rapids. Local residents believe the bridge is higher and long known as the man, and the lower bridges and short are known as women. Floating fog, blurring the panorama of hills and surrounding areas.

Of all presented in the Iya Valley-mountains, temples and hot springs-this is the place I visited as recommended mandatory Fumiaki. "The bridge was reportedly built by the Clan Heikie in the 12th century, when they fled from Kyoto after losing the civil war to the Genji clan," he said. "Heike live in the interior mountains, and they built this bridge for protection. This
Shikoku relics of the past. "

A gust of wind shook the bridge, the rain made ​​the slippery wooden boards. Giddy, I set foot on a wooden board first. I regret using the sandals, not proper footwear. I stepped up and took a deep breath, step foot next to a wooden board. Hap!

I slip up, sat down, and my feet wedged between the wooden planks. I tried to pull it out, and the rough tangle of vines hurt my feet. Suddenly everything seemed so close: Wood, fog, spirits of the Heike warriors.

"Yeah residents still believe the gods lived in the mountains," Fumiyaki once said to me, and now I understand why. I seemed to hear them giggling from behind the trees.

Finally I managed to get away from the tongs wooden planks and vines. This time, I was extra cautious step and both hands clinging to the rod of the bridge. Focus, focus. I walked slowly, swaying and creaking bridge. After 10 minutes of heart is pounding, I reached across and spontaneous jumping for joy. I imagine Fumiyaki and pray to the god of the mountain.

ROOM ON MAIN temple complex in Zentsuji, hanging spiral incense and monks sang solemn hymns, while a half-dozen parents bowed and prayed; outside, the young monk sweeping the yard. At one point, a group of Japanese tourists admiring the five-story pagoda towering: four women with chic hairstyle murmur audible ooh and aah  at the front of the cinnamon tree which looked older than the temple.

Zentsuji is the cradle of Buddhist and leaders Kobo Daishi, who built this temple in the early ninth century. It is recommended Kuniko father, Ojiichan. "To understand Shikoku," said Ojiichan, and pilgrim-o-henro-san-walking from temple to temple for virtue and chastity. As a child, every time the pilgrims approached the house we will hear the sound of the bells ting-ting-and they bring mom told me to bring rice and oranges for them. Therefore, we cordially welcome the stranger in Shikoku.

In this complex there is a gift shop that sells books, beads, crutches, and other pilgrimage equipment. I carefully read the picture book tells the journey of Kobo Daishi legend, until he felt the time passed so quickly. When I came out, looked everywhere for pilgrims using conical bamboo hats, jackets and white pants. I approached the couple and the child's seizures. When I asked their trip, the girl grabbed my backpack and pulled out a book bound in red silk and gold. "In every temple, the priests wrote the name of temple on one page and affix seal of the temple," said the father. Her fingers turn a page. "Every time a pilgrimage, I feel enlightened. This pilgrimage reminds me of the meaning of life. After the pilgrimage, I was able to do everything, "he continued.

"Of course," said his daughter, "It's only the fourth round. O-henro-san over there "- he pointed to an elderly man wearing black clothes and colorful belts-" he made rounds to 333! "
I am sure, the pilgrims thankful for Shikoku. They walked slowly in humility, reminding us not to make a fuss and commit to a higher spiritual purpose. I realized the truth of the words Ojiichan tradition hospitality and kindness of the island.

I circled the island for two days, to feel the texture of old hay and straw-clay material village house, lounging in a quiet fishing village, bow pilgrims pay homage to the people I have met. In hot water spa, a half-dozen middle-aged women were friendly, forced to pay my dinner. When I got lost in the intersection, the truck driver was kind enough to drive me. At a roadside snack stall, the owner asked me if I was on a pilgrimage, and when I said no and claimed to have been looking for the heart of Shikoku , he exclaimed, "Then you are also a pilgrim!" And presented me with strawberry shaved ice.

In the afternoon, on the fifth day, I arrived at Johen. Family Kuniko was awaiting my arrival. We enjoyed dining Katsuo sashimi (fresh raw fish meat) and grilled fish, as well as mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers fresh from the garden.

While sitting on tatami mats around a low table, Obaachan look with sparkling eyes. "All right," he said, "the success you find
Shikoku heart?"

"Of course," I replied, and all eyes looked at me expectantly. "But I do not only find it in one place. I found it on lading agriculture, fishing village, also on the pilgrims who would not stop to give thanks for the gifts of the day. And again I found it on the people around were greeted with enthusiasm and friendliness. "

For a moment, I was not sure Kuniko family understand my words in Japanese just were not at all fluent. But then they nodded and smiled.

Ojiichan poured beer for us all and raises his glass. "Don-san, glad you are finally back home. Kanpai! "

Together we sipped drinks,
then obaachan raised his glass again. "And this time I'm glad you're not stuck in the ditch again!"