Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Preserve Area Pulau Laut

Deer in the Land of the Sea of Thousand Tails 20 Tails Living

executive summary by Darmansjah

BANJARMASIN, KOMPAS - The number of deer in Wildlife kalimantan Pelaihari in District Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan, is expected to live 20's tail. In fact, around the years 1983-1984, when the forest is still in good condition, the number of deer in the region to reach thousands of birds.

Head of the Natural Resources Conservation Center (KSDA), South Kalimantan Bambang Dahono Adji, last weekend, said the declining number of deer in an area of ​​6000
hectares of forest destruction is caused either by logging and wild fields.

"To preserve an area that, ideally there are 100 more deer tail," said Bambang.
According to Bambang, the shrinking of the number of animals is not only happening in the area of ​​nature
reserves, but also in other Meratus Mountains. Therefore, South Kalimantan BKSDA propose to the Ministry of Forestry to make Meratus as a national park with the intention that intensive management can be done.

KSDA currently has conducted reforestation on 500 hectares of land in the region Pelaihari Wildlife Refuge. There are two types of vegetation planted in 2010, namely Galam and ketapan. "The goal is that trees grow back," said Bambang.

Proboscis Monkey

Other animals are also concerned that inhabit bekantan Wildlife Sanctuary in Kuala Lupak Tabunganen, Barito Kuala District. BKSDA Kalsel found only about 25 heads bekantan which still occupies an area of ​​about 2,000
hectares. In the 1980s and then the numbers are still thousands of tail.

According to Bambang, pond creation activities by people since 10 years ago made ​​the
original primate
Kalimantan is away to other regions. "There are about 1,300 hectares over the pond," he said.

Dwi Priyatno Jatmiko, Director Meratus Institute, also called the wildlife in the Mountains Meratus increasingly threatened. In Meratus there are no fewer than 78 species of mammals or 20 percent of mammals across mainland China. As for types of birds, Meratus occupies the top position for the whole of Kalimantan with 316 species.

Other animals, including more than 400 kinds of insects, 65 species of fish, 87 species of reptiles, amphibians and 43 species. (WER)

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