Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Optimal Quality in Printing

Along with developments in the world of photography, printing matters are now into something interesting. This was followed innovations pad printer that is now not merely to print the document and not have to connect the cable to the computer device.

This can be seen in early November when HP announced a revolutionary printing solution in a web-enabled printer and access to the cloud print with a combination with Touch Smart technology, applications and technologies that enable ePrint easily from anywhere.

In the release of its launch, the Managing Director of Imaging and Printing Group, HP Indonesia said, HP's new Photo Smart with a web connection and the ability to print cloud would redefine how to print.

ePrint negate the need for cables and drivers, makes the printer free platform, no matter whether you want to print from a PC, Apple, or Blackbery. All of HP Printer ePrint later will have as standard features.

Web-enabled printer and print this cloud gives access to the internet without requiring a PC or any web device. Slim design with an elegant black color and features an easy to use, making navigation of web content, view pictures, edit to print more enjoyable.

In addition, HP also launched a product-imaging & printing products that can help customers improve efficiency through features that support such productivity, HP Smart Install and HP technology Auto-On/Auto-Off for SMB who want a large volume and efficient printing. Hp LaserJet printer range also features the latest design with smaller printouts cost effective but professional quality.

As for the two-effective-quality printers, HP Deskjet 1050 and 2050 All-in-One is a solution for customers who had been wanting a reliable multifunction priter with original ink at affordable prices that can print, copy, and scan with a good quality .

With the HP Deskjet 1050 and 2050 All-inOne, consumers can now have a printer All-in-One with affordable price and easy to operate without worrying about the cost of buying ink.

Affordable price and ease of use offered by this new printer series makes a special friend for the whole family. Changing the ink cartridge with the original no longer difficult, even children are now able to enjoy the activities do school work or creative experimentation print photos, make photo copies, or even scan.

The printer is packed using 99% of materials are recyclable and can be reused, electricity consumption is only 9 watts in active mode, 2.3 watts during sleep, and 0.3 watts when turned off, making this latest Deskjet environmentally friendly option that has received Energy Star certification.


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