Friday, July 22, 2011

Lets Go to Minus 4 Degrees C, Fresh ...!

Original Naration by Syaripudin Zuhri,Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

This Gate entrance to the park recreation WDNH, you are free and out in this place, for free! Photo by Syaripudin Zuhri

On this holiday you take my usual walk in Moscow, yesterday Saturday, January 22, 2011 just after midday prayers I walk, yes walk, let it rest a car with a pile of snow, ah wrote later cleaned if you want to use, no need to be heated, tolerable temperature, only minus four degrees C, hence the thick snow fell yesterday and last night, so let's say a blessing, not God's gift of snow too, so enjoy it.

Icesketing you want to play? Please buy tickets in this place, per person for children and students of 150 rubles per hour, adults and the general 200 rubles per hour. Photo by Syaripudin Zuhri.

Okay back to the streets on a holiday, while enjoying the snow, I was walking towards the metro Sabelovskaya, just five minutes from apapretemt temapt I live, ah apparently because the temperature is rather low, not too cold compared to minus 15 degrees C, so many birds -pigeons out of the nest, they are clustered near the metro Sabelovskaya it and let them eat bread without any annoying little man.

The birds are busy searching for food near the metro station Sabalovskaya. Photo by Syaripudin Zuhri.

In short, I take the metro to the place pavorite streets, WDNH, with over 7 subway (metro) WDNH arrived at the metro, this place in every season, winter, spring, summer and autumn, always crowded, yes because it is a place of recreation for society and for free! You just pay when a ride attraction in it. Anyway this place was once the exhibit hall from various countries who are members of the Soviet Union, another Russian who appreciate history, even though the Soviet Union has disappeared in our modern world, the names of the buildings in WDNH still use the names of the former Soviet Union , then you will find here a building named Kyrgistan countries, Armenia and others.

See above, on a digital thermometer shows the temperature was minus 4 degrees C. Photo by SyaripudinZuhri.

Well when you to a place of recreation, in the middle temperature minus four degrees C, (Oh, yes, everywhere you will find instructions in temperature, both regular and digital, because the thermometer in Russia is very important especially in winter, one look at the temperature thermometers, one dress, as a result of your own responsibility, so cold and cough-cough!) you exit the metro WDNH north toward the main gate, on your left there is a museum of the cosmos, on your right there where cars stop inter-city buses, not like Pulogadung bus station, which he said a lot of thugs, here you are safe, in every corner there is a rapid police response, so if there are thugs who want money to you, immediately report to the police, and police will pursue and arrest the thugs when it also!

This disease in Moscow, feet or hands can cramp all of a sudden, because of bone-chilling cold temperatures. The disease is much in the suffering of Russians ahead of the elderly, may we never experienced it. Photo bySyaripudin Zuhri .

The proof is where? When you get to the gate, not the counter staff that you have encountered, three heavily armed police confront you, do not be afraid, if you, even though strangers, they do not  suspicious just calm  yes, they will not ask you anything! You be pleased through casually, the taste  arise, better? Well when I've finished buying something, there are events that attract my attention, well here is what I call the police quick to respond, why? There was a mother with her ​​daughter, her daughter might fall, knowing slippery snow and could not get up again, so while sitting on the wet asphalt as snow, three policemen in a drive immediately came over them and protect them while waiting for the ambulance to come! When the ambulance arrived with the girl and her mother, the police immediately went, mother and daughter to the hospital.

Well look at that, horses were fitted with clothes to keep her warm and able to work for his master attract passengers. Photo by Syaripudin Zuhri.

It felt very safe living in that case, the people and the police close, Oh yes, do not forget you need not give you anything when you go to the police, a tip, tip money and you need not be well served, as well as you might at disturbed by people evil, and you are bleeding, call the police, the police will call the ambulance, ambulance to come check you and give the drug, after which the ambulance returned and settled, you need not pay anything, for free, tis tis! Anyway if you want feel ride horses in the winter, you are able to meet him in WDNH this, do not be afraid to get wet, the horses had in put the clothes!

One more, when the day before sunset, when only 4 pm, but it was dark again, the sun was sinking in the west and the lights have started to burn, I headed home, after lunch at the cafe Krygistan, the anti-wrote the story, so while still on the streets are still in the arena WDNH, suddenly I saw a man who was convulsing, by holding his feet next to ballooning while lying on the asphalt company of a woman, possibly his wife or girlfriend, I do not know. Her legs held high, perhaps cramps, so that his right leg could not be moved, oh pity really. Imagine, cold-cold, leg cramps, lying on the asphalt is wet due to snow. Hopefully help is coming, I became a rush, catch sunset at home! So, until we meet again.

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