Sunday, February 10, 2013


Executive summary by darmansjah
Enjoy Traveling Spiritual Sensation
spiritual tourism often brings its own experience, especially in strengthening the vertical relationship with the Creator
.  However, you can enrich the experience by exploring destinations in Scripture. For example, by visiting Bethlehem is believed to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

The first
sights worth a visit is the Church of Nativity. This large church that has a low entrance so visitors should head down if you want to go. The interior of the church is decorated with dazzling ornaments and on the outside there are two fig trees. You can also find the stairs to the basement and lead to the point that is believed to be where Jesus Christ was born.

The journey can be
continued to the Mount Zion and stop at the Church of Saint Peter in Caligantu. This church has a basement that serves to arrest criminals charming big and now only ruins. That said, when lowering the detainees, they should be assisted by a rope through a hole the size of a human body. Visitors will also be invited to visit the Last Supper Room and see the tomb of King David Memorial.

Spiritual excursions not stop. You can further step up the trail toward the Egyptian border, the Taba Border. Do not forget to explore the charm of Mount Sinai, which could give sensation. Mountain has a height of 2285 meters is located in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

After enjoying a stretch of glorious masterpiece The Lord of Nature, visit to Old Cairo and the Ben Ezra Synagogue which is the oldest synagogue in Egypt. Visitors also had the opportunity to see the making of papyrus paper which is ancient Egypt. While in the evening, take a while take in the beauty of the Nile River in the evening while watching the traditional dances of Egypt.

Your tour by exploring various religious places and get to know the local culture creates realistic sensation. Therefore, the agenda was your trip to take advantage of your financial budget that has been invested throughout your life, and now is the time to wander!.

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  1. I've always looked through the internet for blogs about Christian destinations in case I want to go from Singapore to CHristian Holy Land but most I see are about Jerusalem and Israel. This article about Egypt is quite a breather, I must say!