Thursday, December 12, 2013

It Ever End adventure

by darmansjah

"We live in a world full of beauty, charm, and adventure. We'll get an endless adventure when looking with open eyes. "(Jawaharlal Nehru).

What is revealed by India statesman is indeed true. If you have sufficient references and great curiosity, you will not cease to roam. A number of people who have been around Asia, America, Africa, and Europe is still looking for new destinations that offer a different sensation. For example, Russia and Scandinavia in recent years started to open up ideological oppression of communism and began to face the terror bombing, now starts to peep as a choice tourist destination.

Russia and Scandinavia

Talk about Russia, could be emerging in the mind is the famous figure of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin with a long series of historical State. Not surprisingly, countries that have a relatively large land area and vast stretches of eastern Asia to eastern Europe to have a variety of historic architecture and very well preserved.

The first city to visit during the course Moscow is the capital of Russia When you start a city tour, visit the Lenin mausoleum of the great men of his dwelling place and not far from the Lenin mausoleum there is an attractive location for the look or if you are not the antichrist can come to a church that St Basil is a symbol of the city. Your lead foot step next to the city full of memories, namely, St.Petersburg. Here stood a haughty largest art museum of the works of great artists of his day is world-renowned

Hermitage Museum.

If the Russians dominated the crowded center of ancient buildings and historic, the countries that were scattered on the unity of Scandinavia provides a diverse selection of tourist attractions as well. After enjoying the beauty in her classic shades you can pick up your feet to the Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen which emphasizes the beauty of old architecture that holds the stories of the past before you were born in this world. As with the Norwegian landscape that exposes the natural beauty that can soothe your soul is so pervasive sense your presence in this world only for a while and felt a little smaller in front of the creator.

Step right back your way into the European side overlooking the Atlantic Ocean sea water softness is to equip you surf Briksdalbre uncertainty. Arriving at Briksdalbre, use your naked eye to see the panoramic beauty of waterfalls and geysers. The next step you are feeling adventurous to Gudvangen by boat ride diesel engine to browse the Sognefjord, the longest and most beautiful fjord landscape that still exist in Norway. And do not forget to walk back towards Oslo by visiting Vigeland sculpture Park is a collection of sculpture stunning art that can be referenced in your mind later.

Eastern Europe

In addition to Russia and Scandinavia that have not exhausted you search its edges, step your right foot back to eastern Europe as well so you get a list of tourist destinations and places which are worth visiting on vacation time from work fatigue and routine of life in this world. Although the eastern half of Europe is not as glitzy western europe, but the natural scenery that lay in the Eastern European region is equally appealing, let your feet and your mind to surround Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, to the Czech Republic, as well as places tucked in the map of Europe, it will never end until the end of life.

Among a number of destinations are crossed, you need to explore Krakow (former capital), which received the title's second largest city and one of the oldest city in southern Poland. Arriving in Krakow take your time to browse through the most wrenching and infuriate the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps, many painful memories inscribed by Nazi Germany during World War II and the fragmentary memories of physical and mental oppression by the Russians and the State Unisoviet in town and rural Poland . Marinate your mood is a coolness and fun atmosphere of the city even though it's like in the hot sun, take a look at the people sheltering in the shade of the trees in the park. There are dozens of parks, gardens and forests in Krakow. The most famous park is the Planty park, built in an area of ​​21 hectares from 1822 until 1830.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic can be traced through the exotic charm of the city, that is Prague. The capital which has been named as the metropolitan area has a number of unique attractions and exciting, including St.Vitus Church, Charles Bridge and opera house. Even on foot you can also enjoy dinner while watching a performance of traditional Czech dances with the family.

Search into new countries would be more memorable and meaningful, as well as fun if you can cleverly take advantage of travel packages and cheap flights, or across the boundaries of European countries that already connect the transportation by land, sea, even though cross-country which has a comfortable and pleasant facility where prices can reach can be selected according to the fund and the budget that has been well planned so that the trace of beauty and elegance adventure of Europe will increasingly impressive and certainly not forgotten, although it is still very long journey!.

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