Wednesday, February 12, 2014


executive summary by darmansjah

ONE European country has made an art form out of its characterful, up market hotels. A leisurely tour of Spain’s paradores-luxury hotels usually located in historic buildings-would make for a magnificent honeymoon at any time of year. October is the best option here as it will be warmer, especially in the south. You could go a stage further by taking the frequent ferry across the Med to Ceuta, one of Spain’s African exclaves.

The Parador de Ceuta is housed in a modern building but attached to the ancient walls of the town’s palace, with sea views and a palpable Arabic influence (from $126). Next, head back to the mainland, and inland to the Parador de Carmona, a Moorish castle dating from the 14th century (from $205P). it’s easy to plan a road trip around Spain, staying in paradores of your choice. Fly from Singapore or Malaysia to Barcelona (from $1,850) then connect to Seville.

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