Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Mexico

Executive summary by darmansjah

Welcome to the Land of ENCHANTMENT

Whether visitors come to encounter authentic adventures, explore historic sites, marvel at impressive landscapes, or surround themselves with every aspect of the state’s rich heritage and culture, they’ll soon realize that the true enchantment of New Mexico resides in the friendly people who call it home. No matter when and where you travel, you’ll be under New Mexico’s spell. The brilliant sunsets and spirited history will allure you. The fabulous local cuisine and flourishing arts scene will charm you. The abundant adventures and world-renowned spas will captivate you for life. Discover the magic of the Land Enchantment.

Adventures de Taos

Magnificent natural surroundings provide endless possibilities for outdoor adventures from adrenaline-filled rafting on the Rio Grande and breathtaking moonlit snowshoeing to hiking picturesque mountain peaks and top-notch downhill skiing. The indescribable yet inspiring “Taos light” has compelled many to make Taos home.

Taos is launching Adventures de Taos-a campaign that promotes Taos’s unique adventures from a local’s perspective. The adventure await at

New Mexico’s land, people, and mix of civilizations deliver an adventure steeped in culture. New Mexico invites ‘sight doing’ : getting out of the car and experiencing a refreshing sense of connectedness with the past, the land, with family, and with self. The natural beauty and timeless images of New Mexico will continue to vividly exist, even after one leaves.

With warm days beneath blue skies, and cool, quiet evenings under the stars, New Mexico’s landscapes are spectacular. Spacious vistas, bewitching plays of light, and a sense of purity have long attracted travelers, settlers, artists, and scientists.  Experience centuries of heritage in the ancient yet living culture of the state. New Mexico is rooted in tradition rich in expression and is seen in the ancient Native American ruins, ghost towns, cliff dwellings, wagon trails, long abandoned forts; felt in the raw spirit that inhabits adobe cathedrals and pinon forests; and experienced every day in its bold cuisine and vibrant art.

New Mexico’s springtime adventure should include stops at the unique museums, cultural centers, and monuments located in every corner of the state. From Native American relics to space exploration, and folk art to dinosaurs, New Mexico’s cultural heritage is seen everywhere in the Land of Enchantment.

Outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the unlimited recreational opportunities-from cycling, skiing, and bird-watching to hunting, fishing, hiking, and wilderness tours. The springtime waters invite flyfishing, rafting, canoeing, and kayaking.

New Mexico sings of the past, live the present, and eagerly awaits its future. It is ever unfolding in a distinct blend of mysterious beauty and majestic grandeur.

We are all travelers. What we seek is a place that is true. That place is New Mexico. Come and share this special time of year in the Southwest’s favorite playground. Your adventure that feeds the soul begins at We are all travelers, each of us looking for ourselves in every place we go.

New Mexico that feeds the soul begin here.

Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque

Lift your spirit in Albuquerque, where every October the world’s premier balloon event decorates the clear blue New Mexico sky. The crisp fall climate and beautiful desert landscape of Albuquerque create the perfect atmosphere-it’s no wonder that the sight of over 500 balloons rising above the city is one of the world’s most photographed events.

And though the view is always mesmerizing, Balloon Fiesta isn’t just about watching the balloons launch .the public can get involved by taking a balloon ride or by volunteering with a chase crew, holding a rope, or helping to lift a gondola. Although if your preference is to just watch, the sky is filled with events such as mass ascensions, special shape balloon rodeos, flying competitions, a long-distance gas balloon race, and evening fireworks. With 19 countries represented last year alone, this is the largest international event in North America and the largest ballooning event in the world! Don’t miss your chance to experience this phenomenal fiesta. Start planning your trip today by visiting

Feeling New in Old SANTA FE

Trail and chiles blazed daily. Visit Santa for delicious deals and your chance to win a  culinary getaway package.

Santa Fe may be the second oldest city in the U.S.,  but with its fresh setting, contemporary art scene, and distinctive gastronomic delights, it’s the perfect place to escape for a reboot on life. Sitting at the base of the southern Rocky Mountains, Santa Fe is a huge outdoor playground of endless hiking, mountain biking, white-water rafting, rock climbing, camping, and fishing-waiting for any visitor or adventurous traveler who’s ready to experience its pristine landscape and limitless activities.

Within the city, a vibrant art market can be found. Unique stores and galleries create a perfect combination for intriguing shopping. Additionally, Santa Fe is a hot spot for performing arts, especially in the summer when the Santa Fe Opera, free santa fe bandstand performances, and many different festivals add to the city’s calendar of music, theater, and dance.

One Santa Fe delight that is served up in abundance is chili. It’s the most important ingredient here and it’s used in almost everything imaginable. With more than 125 restaurants, and the freshest of seafood ingredients available throughout the year, fabulous food options can be found everywhere in the city. Go to to plan your visit.

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