Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Amazing Luxury Stays to Top it Off

Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses

executive summary by darmansjah

The brainchild of a family of Kiwi architects, the Wilsons discovered this stunning location blessed with seriously close views of the Southern Alps and decided all they had to do was provide the bed. Paying attention to the tiniest of details from the self-made furniture, gradient touches to wall paints, and even double-paned soundproof windows to reduce the stag’s roars during mating seasons, tree houses come highly recommended. Tucked 10 metres off the ground, this is where you’ll arise to spellbinding views of Kaikoura’s dramatic mountains, taking baths with lovely views of the lodge’s deer farm, and my favourite part: watching a Yellowhammer bird sing sweetly at eye level, right outside my window. As a plus, there’s also a sauna and solar-heated outdoor pool, great places to simply laze the day away while gazing at snow-capped mounts (from US$446).

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