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Europe, Unity Create Strong

Europe, Unity Create Strong
Executive summary by Darmansjah

Mercello Mastroianni quite surprised to when saw women gorgeous such as Anita Ekberg dare to to rewet self-into inside the water fountain on late at night. However, eventually Marcello joined feel bursts Trevi Fountain blessing charm Anita compelling.

The scene is typical of the old film La Dolce Vita (1960) by Federico Fellini is considered a booster fame icon of Rome, the Trevi Fountain. In the one hand, real landscape who often visible at this time is the incursion coins of the tourists who standing back to water fountains. According to myth who evolving, someone will go back to the Rome if he throw a coin into direction of Trevi Fountain.

Full with icons nor the historic buildings who classical, Roma also presents a charming another that should never be miss for granted by the traveler. For example alone, colosseum, roman forums, monument vittorio, Emmanuelle, and river Tiber. Exploration anyway  the State which smallest in the world which are inside the city Rome, namely the Vatican which has the largest church in the world namely St Peter Basilica.

After visiting Roma, behold tower sloping pisa as well as baptistery and cathedral in pisa. If still has a spare time, you could layover in leather factory 'pierotucci' which displays-grade stuff from materials leather who a lot exported to State other european, or american, and japan.

Travelers also can feel the taxiing Reviews water of the port of tronchetto towards pizza san marco while looking at st marco square, doge's apalce, and bridge of sigh upon his arrival in Venice. Feel free to invite friends or relatives for a gondola ride along the canals on the way you navigate the Italian frenzy but still charming.



Italy did not became one-sole the State in euro region is which offers the pleasure vacationing. Pray go on trip to Lucerne, one of one cities prettiest in Swiss and most expensive in the world which has views lake and mountains snowy timeless.

Spend time with exploring the mountain titlis with using the cable car who capable of brings you to a height of 3,020 meters from sea level while enjoying the beauty of Alps. Landscape this nature make vacation agenda no longer monotonous. Subsequently, go back to Lucerne, Lion monument, and stores-small shop which is managed by local welfare and locals who sells chocolate, souvenirs, up to hours of with various brands of famous.


Trips can be continued to the Koln, which is famous as the city origin of perfume eu de cologne 4711. Mostly , tourists engrossed pictures taken in front the church (cathedral koln) which as a landmark the city because this church one-only building in Koln which not destroyed at wartime the world II.



Departing from Koln, heading country windmills, you can traveled and take pictures using traditional clothing in small town which formerly constitute fishing village poorest in dutch, namely volendam. And passed the place famous as a place grinding of diamond number one in the world, visit to coster or Gassan. Do not miss Reviews old town Amsterdam with passing through royal palace, national monument, and central station.

After quite tired and need variations a place visits, in belgium else are still there is one area that quite old such as Reviews old town with tourism objects grand palace (grotte mark) which gives the hubbub its own. You also can see a statue of a child who is still well maintained as manneken pis as the symbol of Brussels or bored around you can buy chocolate typical belgium.


Its, after driving around at piece of Countries-country europe wherein we still enjoying the scenery the classic from buildings-historic buildings, no exception in France. Church Notre Dame, Louvre Museum, arc de triomphe, champ elysees, place de la concorde, and invalids is a row of a tourist attraction who often visible but never goes boring, let alone we want to enjoy the the beauty atmosphere of evening in Paris, try for a moment looked at from a distance Glistering- flickering the lights who illuminating the tower Eiffel who mesmerizing.

Rich will be values-historical value did not make the europe as a destination of who a serious for the children-child. City commencement of trias politica who spread to corners of the world, city paris also offers a heaven of parks play for children-children, such as Disneyland with various attractions attractive and exclamation in accordance imagination of children-child.

'European is indeed known with buildings-historic buildings which owned. However, State which could visited in quite a lot for the adventures the upcoming. And the maniacs shopping could be dissipating money with hunt goods-goods fashion or shopped and children-children can play in Disneyland or playing snow in mountain Titlis. Adults pleased, child so gladsome.


From the French, you could continue the journey to England. With subway the sea the fastest eurostar, tourists will be invited toward the capital London. Arriving there, Wander in oxford street!.

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