Monday, September 19, 2016

Meson de Candido

Executive summary by darmansjah

Truly a monument to regional cuisine. Its history and tradition date back to the 15C house that has been converted into a typical Segovian period inn. Charming Castillian-rustic setting.
Meson de Candido restaurant is the most famous place to eat roasted suckling pig in downtown Segovia and its fame is well deserved.  This bicentennial establishment is located next to the magnificent Roman Aqueduct in the Azoguejo Square.  The actual old-style Castilian house is a formal monument building of the royal city of Segovia.  Meson de Candido offers a traditional Segovian cuisine experience that you will never forget.

When you order the roasted suckling pig, at the table at the time of serving your dish, there will be a very interesting small ceremony.  First, Mr. A. Candido (the son of the original chef and innkeeper, Candido) will deliver a speech and then he will cut the pig with a plate.  I will not tell you more details of the ceremony so I do not spoil the surprise.  Even though the most popular dish is the roasted suckling pig, I will also encourage you to try: the 15th century Castilian soup, the Sepulveda-style roasted lamb, the Shepherdess lamb stew and the large beans from La Granja.

The Meson de Candido is not an expensive restaurant for the excellent quality and the high level of service they offer.  The average check for a whole meal can range between 40 and 70 euros depending on the wine you choose.  There are many completely different styles of cuisine in Spain and Meson de Candido is probably your best alternative for tasting traditional Segovian gastronomy.

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