Sunday, March 3, 2019

Hanamaki Matsuri

Give thanks to the god ,Original text by Hesti Setiarini, executive summary by darmansjah

The festival has become a prominent agenda throughout the prefecture has an area half the total area of ​​Central Java. Residents Hanamaki matsuri held since 1593 to the present as their gratitude to the Shinto gods for the success of the rice harvest.
Hanamaki has a unique landscape. The city is fenced Mountains Ou and Kitakami plateau (which culminates in Mount Hayachine) in the northeast. From the belly of the mountain looming, the source of hot water flowing into the city surface and a half times the size of Singapore. Of course, the hot water contains a lot of health benefits and become the popular sights.

Hanamaki is not a crowded city residents. But once the festival, the city became the hustle. Human-residents and pedestrian-cornucopia main sections meet in the center. I never miss this chance. Because, for three consecutive days in the second week of September, I am satisfied by the opening presentation in the form of dance that captivated the typical Iwate like shishi odori or dance deer popularized by the late Kenji Miyazawa, the famous poet born in Hanamaki.

Next, dozens of groups of men and women carrying omikoshi or Shinto shrine mini weighing 100 kg more to cheer enthusiastically. Then with a lantern parade memorabilia carrying the famous legend, real or fictional. Sparkling lantern parade that blends with children and young boy kimono colors with unique facial decoration. Their procession increasingly crowded with singing and shamisen passage (such as harp music instrument) and wasp taiko (drum / drum). This dish is a grand closing party.

Not only the culture dish, I also enjoy the typical snacks during the event which took place from 15:00 to 20:00 o'clock. Its really crowded event has been felt since the day when the vendors have snacks and drinks welcome sustenance existing alert. Confectionary and snacks always make me addicted to eating. Well, you would agree with me that where I live has indeed made at home.

Logistic Transportation: Iwate be reached by road to rail Shinkasen Akita and Tohoku. Trains depart from Tokuo station or Ueno towards Morioka, then a series of separate trains. Akita Shinkansen proceed to akita station. Of Tokyo, point the car through a toll Tohoku, Sendai City (Miyagi Prefecture), Kitakami and Morioka. Flights local through Hanamaki Airport, while the sea route, the route local ship reached the Port of Ofunato and kamaishi. Accommodation: Hotel Appi Grand Tower, the range of US$ 190-US440. Hotel Inn Kitakami Ekimae, ranging from US$ 660. Appi Grand Villa 3, starting at US $ 155.

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