Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Statuesque Stunner with a Penchant for Travel

A touch of heritage: Patricia explores some of Hong Kong's lesser-known spots, including a traditional cheongsam dress shop.Two years after her dazzling performance on Asia’s Next Top Model, model Patricia Gouw stars in a new reality show that takes her on a thrilling adventure around Hong Kong.The first thing you’ll notice when Patricia Gouw walks into a room is her sheer presence, honed by years in the modeling and pageant circle learning to command the attention of all.
Perhaps best known for being the runner-up in cycle four of the modeling competition-slash-reality show Asia’s Next Top Model, Jakarta-born Patricia has since spread her wings into other ventures like presenting TV shows and radio segments.
Patricia is certainly no stranger to the world of fashion and beauty, having majored in fashion business at LaSalle College as well as receiving numerous accolades such as the runner-up for Wajah Femina 2010, the runner-up for Miss ASEAN 2012, as well as making it to the final 15 of Miss Indonesia 2012 and being crowned Miss Healthy.
Far from the dazzling glamour of fashion and pageantry, Patricia’s latest entry in her TV portfolio took her on an adventure to Hong Kong, as part of reality show Extreme Ends, which premiered on Oct 17 on the KIX channel.
The show follows four Southeast Asian celebrities and their companions as they embark on an adventure around Hong Kong, exploring the metropolitan’s “extreme ends” wit ha different theme for each pair.
Patricia decided to participate in the show was she loves discovering new things, and also because she could bring along her friend, 2008 Putri Pariwisata Indonesia Chika Mailoa.
“After getting married and having two kids, I noticed that she became shier. I was happy to bring her along to get her back in the groove,” Patricia said about her friend of 10 years.
The two were assigned the theme “Hidden and Exposed”, with Patricia taking on “Hidden and Chika ‘Exposed”.
Patricia and Chika were given no clues about their itinerary or challenges before filming in July, perhaps as an allusion to their assigned themes.
“When I arrived, I had no idea what I would be doing, only that I would ‘experience’ Hong Kong. As soon as chika and I arrived at the airport and met our contacts there, we went our separate directions,” Patricia recalled.
Patricia and Chika went to different destinations and were only able to meet up at nighttime.
Particia’s first activity in Hong Kong was far from easy. It was real rock climbing, she noted, not the simplified version one might find in malls.
“It was literally in the hills and cliffs, they were not playing around.”
Despite having zero experience rock climbing, she tried it out with the assistance of an expert. But along the way she faced major challenges: her safety shoes hurt her feet; and it was her time of the month.
“I was stuck at some point, and then the guide was like say whatever  it is that you’re feeling’. So, I can didly answered ‘I’m leaking!’.” Patricia said, giggling.
Not only that, Patricia also needed to strike a pose whiLe clinging to the cliffs.
“When I got halfway, they stopped everything for a drone shot. On one side I was shaking all over, but on the other side I needed to look good for the camera, so I posed while yelling at them to hurry up as they wind was bearing down on me.”
The adrenaline-pumping climbing aside, Extreme Ends also took Patricia to discover Hong Kong’s  charming secret spot, including a Chinese medicine store that actually conceals a restaurant.
“There was a hidden door. You’re supposed to push a button, and it opens to reveal a retro-style café.”
During the culinary trip, Patricia and chika took part in a game through a video call, where one had to guess what dishes the other ordered.
“If my guess was right, then chika would be allowed to eat. That really tested our friendship because we hadn’t seen each other in a long time and we have different tastes as well.”
Patricia thoroughly enjoyed the dinning experience although she could not remember the names of the dishes.
“The food was ordered for me, and I couldn’t read the dishes’ names; I’m KW (not real)Chinese!” Patricia, a model of Chinese descent, joked.
After experiencing the worlds of fashion, pageantry and travel, Patricia said that she enjoyed traveling the most. The Hong Kong trip allowed her to experience the city like a local and exposed her to new things.
“I’m always like ‘what’s next?”. I don’t mind trying new things, and I’m very open to that.”

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