Friday, December 9, 2011

Getting a Different Holiday Sensation

By Darmansjah

Besides fun, the holidays of course expected to provide the experience and sensation that is unique and different. For those who live in tropical countries, a trip in winter can be a great time. To Switzerland, for example, is famous among other things Gstaad 3000 AG or better known as Glacier 3000.

Galcier 3000 is the company that operates some of the gondola and ski lifts in the area Diablerets, Switzerland west. The main gondola opened in 1964 and rebuilt apda 1999. then, to support the sensation of a holiday, in the early winter of 2006, the latest snow-making machines were in operation between Oldensattel and Oldenalp, which allows the path along the seven kilometer Olden Skiing began in early November and continue to operate until about May.

In the early summer of 2007, the latest attraction at Glacier 3000 was opened, which allows tourists to feel the actual activities of hyper adrenaline, Alpien Coaster which is the world's highest bobsleigh track. With 30 pieces sled available, the average tourist to try driving with an average speed of 40 km per hour. With the brake control system, you can determine how fast to drive.

Furthermore, the professionals said that the snow park is one of the best in the winter. This park offers several paths with different difficulty levels, equipped with tables, rails, and boxes, then, travelers will feel the tension when the launcher and the other skier is free to go.

Travelers also have the opportunity to enjoy a romantic trip on a sled pulled by dogs Huskies. Here too we can see the sights unique teamwork between humans and animals.

If it still feels less exciting, tourists can also try ski trails are in great demand, including by professional skiers, since 3000 Glacier is one of the few ski in Europe temapt they get to practice dengna optimal. If interested, why not try to read travel articles from TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com set of information that gives a memorable trip?

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