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Hotel Majapahit Symbolises The Pride Of Surabaya And Indonesia

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“The long history of its exitence and how it contributed to the epic patriotic story of the Indonesians has bound Majapahit Hotel into an inseperable part of Indonesia and has put itself as one of the treasured Indonesia Heritage buildings.”

Indonesia commemorates 10 November as Heroes’s Day. The story goes back to September 1945, when a crowd of angry and insulted Indonesians lowered the red-white-blue flag raised by the Dutch on the main flag pole of Yamato Hoteru hotel in Surabaya, as that time Indonesian people had proclaimed their independence in August. Indonesians tore off the bottom blue strip, and turned the Dutch flag into Indonesian flag. Tragedy followed  and got worse with the death of the murdered British commander in October. A full scale invasion was launched the following month on the 10th of November, in which many Indonesians fought and died.

The besieged Yamato Hoteru is now the Hotel Majapahit. Situated in a tranquill area in the heart of Surabaya. This year Hotel Majapahit will celebrate its 100 years anniversary on June 1st. Built in 1910 by the Sarkies family and first known as the Oranje Hotel. The long history of its existence and how it contributed to the epic patriotic story of the indonesians has bound Majaphait Hotel into an inseparable part of Indonesia and has put itself as one of the treasure Indonesian heritage building. General manager of Hotel Majapahit said, “Hotel Majapahit is already a part of Indonesia’s history and culture. This year, it’s one of the three properties from Surabaya wihch represent Indonesia to be acknowledged as world heritage sites in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation.”

Hotel Majapahit is trully an authentic five star hotel you can’t find elsewhere. It is not superior only i term of its history, but also in terms of services. “Majapahit is proud of its staff. We have very good employees, highgly motivated to perform the tasks they are asighed. Each employee takes ownership and pride in the hotel which then translates into superior guest service . our employees are genuinely warm and welcoming to each  and every guest here at Hotel Majapahit. If we have 100 gues’s comments, 90 of them make mention that the Majapahit staff are the best they have ever met in a hotel,” said GM. And on the ambience, it would be hard to beat Majapahit as the colonial architecture, lanscaping, antique furniture to the art deco, all blend into a very personal experience for every guest to feel and savour.

Hotel Majapahit had been extended once in 1936, then hasn’t been changed until now. But to keep thins as original as they were is a huge effort done. Just to show you the numbers, the hotel spent USD 16,000.000 om 2006 to complete the preservation of the building. Yet the hard work paid off when Majapahit Hotel received the 2006 Best ASEAN Tourism Association. On the interior of Majapahit, GM shares, “Most of what you see here is still original, from furniture, floor tiles, the wood, the concrete pillars, and it takes million of dollars to keep things like these intact and in good conditio.”

On facilities, Majapahit Hotel boasts the largest Presidential Suite in Asia, covering 820 m2. Built in two floors, the suite features a luxurious bedroom, generous gold plated bathroom fictures, an elegant sitting area, a meeting room, a dining room, and spacious private terrace facing beautifully landscaped gardens. And not to mention the  exclusive butler service ready to serve you 24 hours!

If you wish to create a memory that will last during your stay in Indonesia, visit Majapahit Hotel as this classic hotel combines history, culture and charm with modern day conveniences to creat a memorable guest experience.

Hotel Majapahit, Jl. Tunjungan 65, Surabaya T.: +62-31-545-4333

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