Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Enchanting Taiwan corners

Want to create a memorable vacation? Immediately and set aside time for your vacation early. Do not forget to consider the destination in order to target the more memorable trip. Choose interesting places that have never visited which in addition to providing a different atmosphere, it can also add new things and exciting.

One of the places that could be interesting alternative to a vacation is TAIWAN. Besides the location is not too far, natural beauty and historic buildings can be used as a reason to visit it. The number of airlines that offer cheap tickets to a number of countries in Asia also helped boost the interest of tourists to enjoy the charming treats.

Tourists can visit the National Palace Museum with a collection of art and Antic as many as 650 000 units. After enjoying the things Antic, the journey can be continued to Martyrs'Shrine (hero memorial building).

Will be more memorable travel experience by visiting Hualien. Hua Su coast with beautiful sea views can be enjoyed during the journey to the city. In the evening visitors can watch the dance performances Ami tribe. In this city there is the famous Taroko Gorges as the Grand Canyon of Asia.
Then the journey continues to the Metropolitan city of Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Tourists can visit the Buddhist Museum Center with a land area of ​​13.224 square meters of newly inaugurated at the end of 2011 ago. Eight pagoda 30 meters high and 50 meter tall Buddha statue which is the tallest Buddha statue in the world can certainly make the visitors spellbound.

Foot step towards Fukuanshan, that is one of the largest Buddhist center in Taiwan. Visits to the E-DA Theme Park will be fun because there are some interesting rides, like the Greek Temple, and the Aegean Sea Castle Village and Trojans. Evening walk in the city is very interesting and fun because in addition to the fresh air, visitors can also shop at the shopping center outlet Mall E-DA.

Natural treats named Sun Moon Lake is not a foreign name heard. The lake is located in Nantou Yuchih City is the largest lake in Taiwan. To go to the lake can use the cable car that crosses the mountains with beautiful views over the height of about 2,500 feet.

Trip will be more complete by visiting the Shilin Official Residence in Taipei City is home to Chiang Kai Sek (former president of Taiwan).

With a variety of culinary specialties can be found in Danshui Old Street. Specialties such as 'iron eggs', fish ball soup, know the contents, and drink the local community can add to the experience of Taiwan's tourist Fisherman's Wharf and Bridge Lover who is shooting place soap opera drama Meteor Garden can also enjoy its beauty. Young people who love to shop can visit the shopping center Ximending presenting a variety of interesting items.

In downtown Taipei, Yeh Liu Garden with a variety of unique rock shapes are also ready to pamper guests.
Also do not miss the Taipei 101 Mall is the tallest building in Taiwan is a worthy complement to our trip.

Interesting tourist attractions can be enjoyed by tracing the journey of Taiwan which reference has been provided in the articles on TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com and free!