Monday, October 8, 2012

Play and Learn at Ocean Park Hong Kong

By darmansjah

Fill out the school holiday schedule with a trip to one of the Asian countries will certainly provide an interesting experience for the child. Hong Kong is one of them. This tropical country has a number of tourist attractions that can be used as a vacation alternative. One is the Hong Kong Ocean Park is located near Aberdeen, in the southern part of Hong Kong.

Ocean Park Hong Kong is playing a subordinate joint marine mammal park, oceanarium, a vehicle for animal-themed play and amusement parks. This park has won awards become the seventh most popular amusement parks and tourist destination in the 33 most visited in the world.

The park is a large mountain separated into two areas, The Summit and The Waterfront, which is connected by cable car Ocean Express. The Summit at tourists can try to use the second longest outdoor escalator in the world.

Has more than 35 kinds of attractions, including 19 exciting rides, Ocean Park Hong Kong became the destination of the famous tourist attraction. One is the Drop Turbo Abbys that can make visitors feel the body feel stirred up to a height of 62 meters for 25 seconds. In addition, There is also a giant four-story tank featuring 2,000 species of fish. There is also featuring the giant panda habitat or jellyfish.

In addition to an advanced theme park, this resort also operates observatories and laboratories, which provide knowledge about the species of whales and dolphins. Beauty of the south china sea and green hills with the cool air can be enjoyed by trying to ride the Ferris wheel with a height of 27 meters.

To enjoy all these attractions, the tour packages Ho Zhen Cao for eight days organized by a travel services provider could be an interesting option to fill the holiday. Besides been to Ocean Park Hong Kong, participants can spend the night at The Venetian Resort is famous.

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