Monday, July 1, 2013

The charm of the desert coast of Muscat

Original text by Iwan Setiyawan, executive summary by darmansjah

is the capital of Oman, State of the sultanate at the northeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, facing directly into the Persian Gulf. As countries in the Middle East region, Oman is also relying on oil and gas as the main source of income which makes them rich.

Oman led by Sultan Qaboos bin Said in power since 1970. Leadership Sultan Qaboos insightful helped bring Oman into the rapidly growing country and open.

Visiting Muscat, we will meet the charming desert town charm. Being among the cluster of mountains Al Hajar West, the city is also bounded beautiful beaches overlooking the Persian Gulf. The weather was not always hot. Cool weather with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius accompanied Iwan during a visit in early January by sea with a boat cruise.

Port of Sultan Qaboos of Oman is the entrance used since centuries ago. The location of the port on the other end of the Persian Gulf's strategic value to make this port as a trade route. Not surprisingly, there are many traces of colonial European nations found in the old town around the coast.

Along with the times, now the port is occupied by other than trade flows also into a lean cruise ships carrying thousands of foreign tourists. Muscat since last five years developed into a tourist destination.

Steve, a tour guide, said that in the last five years to clean Muscat lot to attract tourists. The development of infrastructure, especially roads from the coast to the newer entry into, facilitate access of the old town on the coast to the town center.

Asian beach games 2010

This development started in Muscat was chosen to host Asian Beach Games II in 2010. Games coast of Asia that encourages the Government of Oman to build various facilities in Muscat and beyond.

Muscat city landscape truly unique, a combination of desert, mountains, and Pantail.

Government of Oman as a barren desert into a city juggling a full beautiful city park with flowers imported directly from Holland.

System drainese constructed in such a way that the garden and the flowers never dry. The janitor was always alert smoothed the road and park.

"Cleanliness Muscat can be equated with cities in Europe." Said Steve promotion.

Today, the city center was also filled with new buildings that became tourist icons, such as the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos and the theater to stage opera performances or other arts.

Meanwhile, coastal areas still found many old buildings, such as the castle, the traditional market or souk and traditional villages.

The iconic Great Mosque of Muscat was built in 1995-2001 on the initiative of Sultan Qaboos. The mosque is a mosque with one of the most beautiful architecture and the most luxurious in the world.

The beauty of the mosque seen from the expanse rug measures 70 meters x 60 meters 600 weavers handmade home Khorasan, Iran. It took two years to create a tapestry that weighs about 21 tons of it.

In the main hall decorated crystal lamps on board, made Austria, which hung under the main dome. Mosaic tiles with floral motifs and symmetrical lines dominate the interior of the main hall. Barrier at the mihrab located in the main prayer hall decorated pieces Koran verses carved on the ceramics.

The grandeur and beauty of this mosque has now defeated Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which opened in 2007.

The old town

Other objects that can be visited in the old town of Muscat is the area that there are ancient relics of the Portuguese fort.

Oman is generally rich country that guarantees every citizen prosper. The crime rate is almost non existent. If anything, the cases handled by the police more traffic violations or accidents due to road roomy encourage drivers for speeding.

Oman, which is open to the influence of foreign culture, to be successful enough to bring Muscat destination attractive tourist area.


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  2. Nice and interesting information and informative too.
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