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Original Text By Fenna Schnuer , Adapted by darmansjah

The captivating beauty of Central Park and the East River that abstinence you miss

UPPER EAST SIDE or UES stretches from 59th Street to 96th Street, from the East River to Central Park-location of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim, Whitney, and Frick. Elite boutiques lining the Madison Avenue-Calvin Klein, Prada, Giorgio Armani. Amazingly, this location is diminished by a New Yorker himself. "For years, the situation here is not unlike the women were eating lunch and people are not willing to join them," said Susan Cheever, UES resident and author Louisa May Alcott: A Personal biography. Even so-called citizen UES as Upper East Sider no plans to change this situation in the near future. Fun recording it live in the UES elite-and this is not just about money.

"UES is sophisticated but rugged," said Eric Ripert, chef and owner of Le Bernardin restaurant recommended travel guidebook Michelin Guide. At first he lived on the Upper West Side, then in 1996 moved to the UES.

Barbetta Restaurant in hell's kitchen, which serves classic Italian menu. managers embrace theater connoisseur par with giving a 10 percent discount for dinner if you have a theater ticket.

UES Residents do not just live near the museum, but rather use the museum as an 'extension' family room. Then, there's Central Park. For the New Yorker who lives in the city center, this park is like a corridor behind their house. "I'm a big fan of Central Park," said Ripert, who spent nearly every day at this park. "I know the sax player and the rollerbladers. I know many people here. "

After that, of Fifth Avenue at 86th Street turn to Café Sabarsky at Neue Galerie serving Vienna-style coffee. Enjoy her soft pretzels (eaten with Bavarian sausage). Flavor may be pitted. Corner of 81st and also flown to taste snack Third meze at Beyoglu, the best restaurant serving Turkish cuisine. (actually I rarely praised, but Beyoglu indeed praiseworthy). While waiting in line at Two Little Red Hens Bakery on Second Avenue used the time to decide to choose Broklyn Balckout cupcake or other delicious pastries.

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art or commonly abbreviated as Met, but avoid crowded segment. Cheever recommend beautiful gardens of the Ming Dynasty, after the gate Astor Court, a lull. Do not miss the Cooper-Hewitt modern design, as well as Jewish Museum which occupies a classical building made ​​in 1908. Also flown indie bookstore Crawford Doyel, Corner Bookstore, and Kitchen Arts & Letters.

On a sunny spring, very fun to see the dogs running with their owners in Carl Schurz Park, one of the best places in New York. It may also take the children. Carl Schurz is a descendant of German-American senator. His name is immortalized as a beautiful park rival Central Park, which stretches from Gracie Mansion to the East River. "This is the most beautiful place on earth, especially in the day," said Cheever. "Finally people make life around the river is so dynamic." - By Fenna Schuer.

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