Friday, August 2, 2013

Festival of flowers

"YOU do not see Holland yet till you see Keukenhof ", this phrase seems to fit the while knowing that Keukenhof is a man-made connection parks covering 32 acres is designed in such a way that it is able to display the beauty of the perfect garden despite having worn with age. In it there is a wonderful variety of trees and flowers, most of which is the tulip varieties in a particular layout.

Keukenhof Flower Park open for two months in the spring in the Netherlands from 21 March to 20 May. Sightseeing is predicated as "The Largest Flower Garden in Europe", "The Most photographed Place in the World", and "Europe's most Valued Attraction" is a wonderful place to see tulips and enjoy the beauty of flowers such as lilies, bougainvillea, carnations, Hydrangea, roses, gerbera and orchids.

In addition to the Keukenhof Flower Park, another country that is not less beautiful display flower festival is Turkish and Japanese. Was the Turks who first cultivated tulips in the early 1000's. In addition, during the reign of Caliphate Ustamaniyah, especially during the reign of Sultan Ahmed III (1703-1730) was instrumental tulips. Therefore, the period of Sultan Ahmed III also called 'Era Tulips', to see the beauty of tulips in Turkey, you can visit it in March and April. This moment has also drawn carefully in the event '10 Days Best of Turkey '.

Meanwhile, laneways while admiring the beauty of blooming Sakura, Japan is the answer. This interest developed over a span of only one or two weeks a year. Sakura bloom usually in early spring. However, unique flowers bloom time varies. In the Kanto region including Tokyo, Chiba, and surrounding areas, sakura bloom in late March and early April. In the area of ​​Kyushu (southern Japan), sakura bloom around mid-March. Meanwhile, in Hokkaido (northern Japan) new society can enjoy the beautiful flowers in late April to early May. One presents beautiful garden blossoms are Ueno Kouen.

Well, if you want to see the beautiful expanse of blossoming tulips and cherry blossoms, traveled as low as the current season be the right choice. No need to wait lam since you can contact travel agents or tour operators that are nearest your current location to settle for an amazing holiday and unforgettable. Besides being more efficient, be more friendly holiday travel and fun. Wait what?

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