Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Earth houses the Fujian

In Fujian Province, China stands a typical building of the local population. The building was named Fujian Tulou ,Fujian Earth or house.

When seen from a height, the building is circular in shape, like a donut. Building used as a residence is not only occupied one, but dozens of families. Most of the Fujian Tulou built around the 12th century and the 20th AD.

Fujian Tulou is built to provide protection to the people who live in the Fujian Province of the threat of armed robbers and enemies attack due to a prolonged civil war. Family groups agreed to unite their opinion to give a contribution to the community, which is a building that will protect the citizens, Fujian Tulou. This building will be used to maintain the property and safety of those who live in mountainous areas and in the South East Coast of China.

As the name implies, Fujian Tulou are made with materials that come from the earth, such as soil, rocks, bamboo, and wood. Wood and bamboo into the framework of this round-shaped building which then cemented using soil. Fujian Tulou has become fort defense covered for centuries. Along with the development of technology, the building is able to create a safe room, surrounded by strong walls and towering up to five floors.

Fujian Tulou building design is circular or rectangular. With its unique design and materials used, Fujian Tulou can provide good lighting, no wind and earthquake. Fujian Tulou also provide coolness in summer and warmth in winter.


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