Thursday, July 10, 2014


Can’t get away? Check out the latest TV shows and books to keep your exploring

Executive summary by darmansjah


BBC Knowledge: Museum Secrets (Series One)

EMBARK on an exciting journey-one that unravels the mysteries of some of the world’s most famous museums including the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, the Roman Vatican Museums, the British Natural History Museum and more. Focusing on finding weird, wonderful, amazing and fascinating angles connected to both the well-known and the more obscure exhibits in each museum, Museum Secrets zeroes in on never-before-filmed places such as the high-tech laboratories of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other Museum spaces often closed to the public.


Newly Updated from Lonely Planet

Bangladesh 7th edition; Montreal & Quebec City 3rd edition; Seoul 7th edition; Sydney 10th edition; Discover Las Vegas 1st edition; Andalusia 7th edition; Hong Kong 15th edition; Paris 9th edition; Provence & the Cote d’Azur 7th edition; Discover Barcelona 2nd edition.

Markets of Paris

Dixon Long & Majorie R. Williams 

One of the best ways to ge a taste of the local culture in Paris is to simply venture off the beaten path, and navigate through its abundant charming markets. Experience the places that locals frequent on a daily basis including open-air food markets where you will discover eclectic cuisines. If not, you can explore the historic covered markets where unique trinkets, rare antiques and intricate drafts proliferate – in short, this handy guide will serve to be the perfect companion in helping you uncover all the goodness that Paris has to offer!

Adventures of 2 Girls

Marshall Cavendish

POOLING their life savings together and with a fund of S$100,000, magician Ning and journalist Pam pen their various misadventures, reflections and accidental travel discoveries while traversing the world, ticking off a long-desired item on their bucket lists. It’s a thoroughly fun ride for the reader, as the two spunky lasses speak of racing against mules while hiking down a 1,700 feet high cliff with 26 twisting switchbacks; getting fined while parking on a slope in San Francisco; running out of pears while baking at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris; and receiving a proposal in Casablanca. There are somber moments too: visiting the former leper colony of Kalaupapa in Hawaii, taking a hell-ride onboard Chichago’s infamous Greyhound bus service for the poor, horrible B&Bs in Vermont and culling a chicken for dinner in the wilderness of Madagascar. If the book inspires you to do the same, don’t miss the duo’s travelling tips and Ning’s hilarious hand-drawn comic strips.

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