Monday, July 14, 2014

The city wheeling around the world

Executive summary by darmansjah

Last year, London waved goodbye to its controversial bendy buses-only for Malta to start using them on its streets .tom Hall looks at other places you can spot transport with that familiar scent on the Big Smoke.

Charleston, South California; There are more black cabs to be hailed in US cities than you might expect. The biggest fleet lurks among the bougainvillea and southern charms of Charleston, South California.

Stanley, Falkland Island; This most British of outposts has its own Routemaster, operating tourist services around the capital of Stanley.

Isle of Wight, UK; Vintage Underground trains dating from 1938 serve the island Line from Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin. It’s rumoured that Victoria Line trains from 1967 may soon be succeeding the much loved pre-WWII carriage.

Pristina, Kosovo; Fifteen black cabs hit the streets of Pristina in 2010, offering an unlikely slice of London in one of Europe’s newest capitals.

Skopje, Macedonia; When Skopje’s ex-London Routemasters needed replacing, city bigwigs ordered their own modern replacement. More than 200 of these Chinese-built lookalikes will be on the streets of the city by next year.

Baku, Azerbaijan; Baku’s two million souls can hail one of the 1,000 black cabs delivered to Azerbaijan last year.

Malta; Boris may have lasted them as ‘ungainly monstrosities’, but Londoners nostalgic for a payment-optional ride on a bendy bus will find old 29s, 38s and 73s plying the streets of Valetta and elsewhere.

Singapore; Forget the Mercedes or the stretch limo – in Singapore, the London cab is hired out as one of the smoothest ways to travel round the city..

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