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Nemberala Coast

The name Coast Nemberala no stranger to foreign tourists, especially tourists from Australia. Area since the 2000s inhabited by citizens of Australia after being purchased or leased from local residents. The process of transfer of land to foreign nationals without involving the local village or subdistrict

by  Kornelis  Kewa Ama, executive summary by darmansjah

Nemberala and surrounding beaches like Kuta Beach in Bali. There are white sand with clear sea water, crystal clear. If the weather is sunny and the sun rises from the south, it appears black shadow Australiancontinent.

There is a tide wave that is perfect for surfers. Every year, in September, the festival was held at national and international surfing at the beach.

Towards Nemberala takes 1.5 hours from Ba'a, the district capital Ndao Rote, East Nusa Tenggara, using public transportation.
Nemberala is the capital of the Western District of Rote. The population is 1.038 people or 282 families. Of this total, 154 families including recipients of rice for the poor.

Village Chief Nemberala, Joseph Mboro in Nemberala, end Okotober ago, said, contracting or the purchase of land in the village of Nemberala runs from the year 2000 following the visit of tourists from Australia in 1997.
"In 2007, all land in the Coast Nemberala been contracted out or sold off. When I became head of the village in 2008, no more vacant land here. At that time, some businessmen from Jakarta looking for land, everything is controlled by foreign tourists, "said Mboro.

After Memberala, foreign tourists to switch to Bo'a Coast, about 8 kilometers from Nemberala and Tunggawe, 5 km from Nemberala. In Tunggawe and Bo'a also sold off the land by the owner to the foreign tourists.

In Nemberala, purchasing land on behalf of the wives of foreign tourists who are citizens of Roter Ndao. However, in Tunggawe and Bo'a, land purchases done directly by tourists without involving indigenous people.

Mboro claimed not to know the exact area of ​​land which commanded foreigners. However, clearly, the land along the coast stretching from Nemberala, Tunggawe, and Bo'a, ranging from shoreline point (the highest limit of tides) along the road leading to 200-300 meters, controlled by foreign tourists.

The length of the coast of Nemberala - Bo'a about 25 km, consisting of Nemberala 8 km, connect with Tunggawe Beach 7 km, and Bo'a 10 km. beaches along the controlled foreign citizen 200-300 meters to the ground.
"How many plots of land are bought off by foreign tourists and how many plots that are contracted, we do not know. Not long ago members of the TNI was to collect data, but we do not know, "said Mboro.
Purchase or land contract usually occurs between landowners and foreign tourists, does not involve the local subdistrict or village officials. After the price agreement, both parties came to Kupang for the administration in the office of notaries and officials of the land deed maker. (PPAT).
They just have a letter of proof of the office. The foreign tourists do not have land certificates issued by the local land agencies, except for the few tourists who had married a local resident.

The process of buying and selling land that does not affect at all for retribution Nemberala and surrounding villages. Buyers and sellers reasoned, all administrative processes are handled directly by notaries and PPAT in Kupang.
"If there are cases related to land, I will not be liable. Although in my jurisdiction, I was never involved, "said Mobro.
Land that has been used to build accommodation (hotels and lodging houses) only in Nemberala. About 18 hotel or inn found there. Of these, five units of which belong to the local population, while the rest held by foreign tourists. Some of them managed businessman from Surabaya.
If there are tourists want to return home, residence or land still in contract status sesame rented to foreign tourists. However, for tourists who married local women, all property is usually inherited granted to his wife and children.

Jerhan Flea (54), residents who contract out Nemberala 700 square meters of land for nearly 30 years to the Australian tourist said, conducted since 2006 with a contract value of Rp. 7 million. However, he regretted the 30-year contract is too long.
"Until the children and grandchildren had a contract has not been completed, while their need for land for business. If there are capital and our own wake boarding, and then rented to foreign tourists, more profitable. Now, strangers who wake boarding, and then leased to fellow tourists. They've been rich and become wealthy with the land, "says Flea.
Flea is one of dozens of land owners in Nemberala, Tunggawe, and Bo'a is poor. According to him, the contract price is valid for land that is Rp 5 million - Rp 20 million, while the purchase of land Rp. 30 million - Rp. 600 million, depending of the land area.

Due to the contract or the sale of land, the fishermen (local residents) admitted Mulau difficulty landing the boat; throw trawl; drying fish, nets, and fishing gear; or move freely on the beach. Moreover, some foreign tourists began building a fence (wall) right on the beach, high tide limit.
Responding to the issue, Vice Chairman of the Parliament Rote said, so far yan he knows is the process of buying and selling of land among themselves Nemberala. That is, foreign tourists who buy them have married local residents. However, he admits, is a serious problem.

We've discussed this in parliament, but we also worry about the debate about foreign tourists in Nemberala could lead to the tourists leave Nemberala. Their presence is significant impact to the economy of local residents and the general activities of foreign tourists. Land was contracted or sold because people pushed the economy.
Rote Regents deny the existence of free land sales to foreign tourists in Nemberala. According to him, there's only land contract system between foreign tourists and local residents.

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