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Symmetric Enchantment of China

Executive summary by darmansjah

CHINA. Talk about a country is always revolve around things that are spectacular. Call it for example on population, this country is the largest in the world. The economy, today's China increasingly taken into account and become one of world economic power.

However, China also save the other sides are charming, who not only associated with large numbers. Visit and tour to this country also promises a memorable experience because there are many unique and interesting things that can be encountered.

Walking the streets of Beijing as it is fun. Everything is neat and clean in this Chinese capital. Public transportation was fairly comfortable, both MRT, buses, and trains. This will allow you to achieve a number of attractions in Beijing. Call it The Great Wall, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Forbidden City, Beijing Opera House or the Giant Egg, and Tian An Men Square.

Forbidden City can be your first goal when I got in Beijing. Tourism is quite easy to reach because it is located in the city center. In addition, located in front of Tian An Men Square. So, you can enjoy two tours of history here. First, the history of the royal tour of China in the past in the Forbidden City and the national movement in the history tour Tian An Men Square.

Beautiful scenery will be presented in front of you when visiting the
Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven. Summer Palace is known as a complex and extensive istanan overlooks the beautiful artificial lake. Meanwhile, the Temple of Heaven in ancient times a place of worship of the kings of China. Amazing, because both these sites is still well maintained.

Beijing Opera House became a fairly prominent building in Beijing. The design is unique, in contrast to other tourist destinations in Beijing which is generally a tourist attraction of ancient times. The majority of attractions in Beijing are all around downtown, except the Great Wall. Tourism is actually stretches thousands of kilometers of splitting China. However, one of the most easily accessible location and leaving a considerable part of the wall being groomed in the suburbs of Beijing.


Guangzhou. The city is the capital of Guangdong province (Kwantung or Canton). The allure of this city lies in its historic heritage. In fact, if calculated, the number of heritage that is now the interesting sights in Guangzhou can reach about 150 objects. One of the tour that is quite popular in Guangdong Panyu Bao Mao Garden.

These attractions can be reached about an hour from downtown Guangzhou. The park is renowned for its beauty is divided into
Mao Bao Garden and Lotus Garden. Mao Bao Garden was built to commemorate the duke of honesty and courage Bao. Mungkin maksud Anda adalah: transportasi umum pun

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This park has a koi pond, art museum, and a number of buildings with typical Chinese ornament.

However, if the tone you want to enjoy the beauty of Guanzhou in the evening, came to the side of the
Pearl River. Once night falls, the lights flickered in Guangzhou presents captivating scenery that you can see along the Pearl River.

Faces of Modern

Compared with Beijing,
Shanghai somewhat more modern and lively. Skyscraper buildings and an extremely dense traffic will greet you upon stampede foot in this place. Understandably, since time immemorial, Shanghai is one of the largest business center in China. One proof of modernity is that if you visit Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower. From the height of the tower, you can see the panoramic view of Shanghai.

However, it does not mean the city is minimal wisat history. Because, at the Jade Buddha Temple is located here. And also can visit The Bund or Shanghai Tan is located at the edge of the Huang Pu River in Shanghai or museum.

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