Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Charming limestone

Charming limestone

One of the Asean Countries are beginning to develop its presence in the field of tourism is Vietnam. In fact, one of the tourism objects has been named as one of the nominees of the New seven wonder, that Halong Bay.

Halong Bay is a bay located in north Vietnam with a coastline of 120 km. the bay is in the gulf of Tonkin near the border with China. The bay is composed of 1969 limestone islands that rise spectacularly from the ocean.

 Some islands have a large number of caves. Many tourists who come to this resort to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere in Halong Bay.

Vietnam has a number of interesting attractions to visit. Call it among Mausoleum Ho Chi Minh. Needless to Hanoi was nice if not come to this place. Here, tourists can see the bodies of the first Vietnam war before, the father of Vietnam that looked like asleep. Its location in Duong Hung Vuong road. Interestingly, there is one simple stilt houses formerly inhabited by Uncle Ho, even after his election to the presidency. It's a form of solidarity to the people of Vietnam are still alive need. Currently, the former home of Ho Chi Minh's functioned as a museum.

Another object of Cu Chi Tunnel is one of the historical evidence about the Vietnam War that occurred in the 1970s. This tourist attraction is an underground tunnel under the street. The tunnels were built are connected to each other and have a ventilation system.

Foot step towards the Temple of Literature which lies between Nguyen Thai Hoc and Quoc Tu Giam Street. This place is one of the main objectives of the travelers who visited Hanoi. Therefore, try to arrive early morning in order be spared of long lines.

Vietnam also want to point out an interesting arts, performing arts is a kind of shadow puppets. Held at the Municipal Water Puppet Theatre, the show is done under water. It's amazing.

Even more exciting treats worthy enjoyed in Vietnam. Please visit tourist sites in the internet and get information about Vietnam fully interesting and fun before you travel to Vietnam.

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