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executive summary by darmansjah

Besides admiring the splendor remains Lal Qila, walkers can come to some buildings that reflect the richness of religious worship Hindustan country, such as Jama Masjid for the musalman or Muslim, Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib for Sikhs, Church of Saint James to the Catholic owners and Sri Drawn Jain Lal Mandir for followers of Jainism. Just then a walk in the evening here, I met Chival Singh explaining parkash was the day of the birth of one or warning guru Sikh spreader. Be a midnight procession interesting spectacle. its adherents to clean the streets in front of gurudwara, singing hymns with instrumental accompaniment kirtan outside banks (such as the tambourine), sarong (stringed music device) and table (sort of gendering), topped dining with guru-ka-langar and I was invited to participate.
 Humayun's Tomb
New Delhi Station

The next morning, turn to exploring Humayun's Tomb in south Delhi. This is the first of the Mughal mausoleum were used as inspiration making of Taj Mahal at Agra-about two hours away by train from New Delhi Station (NDLS)-as well as the archaeological park that charming. Layout like oasis in the midst of scorching Delhi sun. In addition to the tomb complex is made of black and white marble and 38-meter-high dome, this destination has Charbagh or symmetrical garden is divided into four sections on the front of the resting place of Humayun, the second Mughal emperor. Soothing, so that local residents make it the destination after noon. They were sitting on the porch while mausoleum tasted the fresh wind blowing between jaalis or ventilation holes carved intricate and symmetrical.
 mehrauli archaeological park

While buildings similar in a lot of surplus quantity is in the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. Around the 13th century, Sultan Qutbuddin Aibak established the Delhi named Mehrauli settlement which became the center of the Sufis and places of worship. The most famous building here is the Qutb Minar made ​​to celebrate the victory of the Muslims over the dynasty mamluk rajput dynasty in India. That said, Axis tower-translation from Arabic, it is touted as the world's highest single tower of its time and is now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Most interesting, though, it carvings embodied in Arabic script in which the whole tower combined Hunduisme style ornament. Not infrequently, a self-perpetuating domestic pedestrian was holding the top of the tower as a way of taking low angle near the park entrance. The photographer crouched in front of the journey on tiptoe with one hand dangling a common sight that can be seen in this area. Not infrequently invite other walkers photographic object.
Muslims worship the device being sold in Meena Bazar, the market jama mosque courtyard
dargah qutb sahib

About 15 minutes drive from Qutb Minar, Dargah Qutb Sahib there, a famous pilgrimage site for devotees of Islam in India. Sufi named Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar Foot buried here and the special women pilgrims are not allowed to get closer to the grave. As a 'consolation,' they just leaned out from behind jaalis allowed. Every October, the event was held Phoolwalon ki Sair culture that supposedly exist since 1720s as a form of homage to the Mughal emperor. The event took the form of a wreath procession starting from Jogmaya temple, tomb of Qutbuddin Bakhtiyar crossed legs and the procession will disperse in front of Mehrauli Archaelogical Park.
After archaeological parks, visits to Delhi followed by perpetuating themselves in front of India Gate monument reminiscent of the Arc de Triomphe of paris, France. Destination point crowd is more so on weekends. At the rear of the complex non-permanent stalls lined the peddle typical Indian snacks or dhili ki chaat. Want to try the fried foods, ice cream, snack areas sensations, sweet, spicy and salty, all available on site. Plus some artists hawking services or some henna tattoo paint is not permanent. Things laughter was the work of ignorant local boys are desperate to swim in the park so persecuted authorities carrying bamboo slats.

Although the crowd was invited attention of the visitors, the focus remains important as the India Gate monument made ​​for Indian and British soldiers in World War I, North-West Frontier and Afghanistan war Provience third. An eternal flame cauldron or cup is placed in front of the gate, as a symbol of respect to the unknown heroes who died in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971.
raisina hill
vijay chowk

From India Gate, the exploration continues towards Raisina Hill. New Delhi more authentic atmosphere felt when the three-wheeler vehicles. Initial trajectory Rajpath and Vijay Chowk is the place of execution of Beating Retreat every January 29. Today when soldiers from various security posts outside the capital city of India returned to their respective bases and paraded for the audience, showing finesse and doing marching band marching. The merrier, because the evening fireworks continued.

This area is like Medan Merdeka in Jakarta area. I find that road width, clean, wide open spaces as well as versatile building blocks government by architect Herbert Baker, known as the North Block and South Block. Starting finance ministry, foreign ministry, the defense ministry to the prime minister to be here. Meanwhile, in the north there are Sansad Bhavan or Parliament where the Indian Constitution drafted in preparation for independence in 1947.
The highest point of this area is the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the presidential residence. Visitors can be photographed, although vehicles are not allowed to stop in front of him. Pillars and door iron a replica castle Chiswick in England, has brick arches and canon. Then, behind the fence, standing monument Jaipur Column, which has oranmen stars and flowers on the top.
Of all the splendor of the monument and government building in New Delhi, stopped for a moment in Connaught Place on the way home from the Rashtrapati Bhavan to attractive option, because it opens the opportunity to shop with a different atmosphere than the Chandni Chowk. Connaught Place is the first shopping center of New Delhi that the British government built around the 1930s and the trip can be started from Vijay Chowk radial trajectory. After witnessing the uniqueness of the country parks India, it was a fun time to relax and choose items. Feels comfortable, because behind the towering pillars, there is a row of shops include air conditioning facilities and several cafes. Here, sold souvenirs, various types of clothing and accessories, where to exchange money travel agency. The idea of ​​traveling to outside Delhi was not uncommon to emerge from here. Is pleasure the agency offers a variety of products. However, the attitude we need to be careful so that no one chose the offer.

Where To Eat.
Old Delhi nuance hustle her delicious blends India taste is felt in Karim's
(, Kababian Dug Road, opposite the Jami Masjid. Enjoy a variety of tandoori (sha e tandoor) and the opportunity peered into the kitchen using clay pots and traditional stoves. Conversely, to entertain in a very private couples can dine fine dining on the Orient Express, located in the Taj Hotel (, Pasxhim Vihar, New Delhi. Office style designed exclusively wagon train Orient Express and serves upscale, one French menu plus wine and live Jazz music.

Where To Stay
The goals of the walkers get to stay that authentic atmosphere spawned business-themed bed and breakfast residence. Sake Bed and Breakfast ( located in an apartment with a room prices starting at U.S. $ 70 including breakfast. India lives with the family atmosphere can be felt in Delhi Bed and Breakfast ( Place inpatient costs USD56 and accessories laden interior typical Hindustan country already provides breakfast. Options away from the city center, of course, you will feel the atmosphere of calm.

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