Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas and new year ornament on the high seas

MOMENT Christmas and new year will be more effective with vacationing call and enjoy the view of the blue sea, the green of the waving trees and coconut, virgin white sand, secluded islands charming. Moment will be more interesting if enjoyed on the international luxury yacht class. A full facilities international five-star hotel. Complete facility is in it add to the comfort and bring something different.

Sailing along with monster-sized cruise ship luxury and elegant, will make this a more meaningful life. 

This yacht has been equipped with various facilities tantalizing specials. Nestling in the cruise ship has 13 decks that are more felt like in a big mall. How it is not, all the facilities, such as restaurants, shops souvenir, cinemas, casinos can be found up here.

So it is with matters of taste. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even midnight supplied as much in three restaurants, one of which 'Mediterranean Buffet and Terrace'. In this restaurant, visitors will get an incredible sensation, the great dining and watching the high seas. In addition, visitors can try out the new menu Chinese cuisine at 'The Pavilion Room' and a sumptuous dinner with international menu in the 'Bella Vista. There are also Japanese, European, to Indian food.

Sensation on the cruise ship ever felt the presence of sea breezes from the balcony while enjoying the beautiful sunset. Not only that, a number of entertainment like music rhythm disco, karaoke, cinema, opera renders to show and accompany your vacation this time.

You can also swim in the 'Parthenon Pool equipped with four hot water pools. Not only that, and you can invite your children play in the area of ​​children's games that were on board.

Luxury cruise ship sailing on December 23 to celebrate Christmas on a stretch of calm seas star-studded. Meanwhile, to celebrate the turn of the year, this ship sailed on 30 December.

Well, wait no more, contact your Tour Operator to facilitate rushed trips you and your family for three days and two nights in a luxury yacht. So hurry over there is still time to enjoy.

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