Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fun in Beijing

Have you had a vacation planned later this year? If not, Beijing in China could be an option to fill the time this holiday season.

One of the favorite places to tour a museum of ancient castles or popularly called the Forbidden City.
First place is a palace of the kings of the dynasty ming and illicit qing. Forbidden City is the largest group of ancient buildings and most intact ever in china and in the world today.

There is also a very famous temple, the Tiantan (Temple sky) which is the temple of the ceiling (earth, sun, and moon). Tiantan Temple was built in 1420 as the ming and qing dynasty emperor to pray for the welfare of the sky and begged for the imperial family.

No less interesting than Tiantan temple, there is also a gate tian an men that stood since 1417. This gate is the front gate to the royal city of ming dynasty and qing dynasty. The building was originally called the gate qeng tian men, then burned twice destroyed, was rebuilt in 1651 and renamed the tian an men.

The most popular tourist attraction today is the great wall of china with a length of over 6,000 kilometers. One of the largest buildings in the world is a symbol of excellence of the Chinese from Beijing, the closest location to listen china Great Wall at Badaling is located at Yanqing County, which is part of a major defense project in China in ancient times.

Among other sites founding location of the Great Wall, Badaling built in 1505 that is part of the most well-protected. Not "Warriors before arriving at the Great Wall", accordingly saying goes in China. His courage was high demand by many domestic and foreign travelers. So far many of the leading figures in the world have visited the Badaling Great Wall.

Besides those mentioned, there are many more other interesting sights in Beijing that will not be out a visit in a month. For that, immediately prepare your plans with friends to a country with an amazing economic achievements over the past decade later on the day of Christmas and the new year with a different mood and of course snow shed on the great wall of china. Let us feel the spirit of Christmas and its serene New Year this time.

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