Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Remembering The Toledo

Execitove summary by darmansjah

Opportunity to visit Toledo, located approximately 70 kilometers outside of Madrid I did not miss. The town was the capital of Spain is offering very interesting history of use within laneways known. In 1986, UNESCO awarded Toledo as a city of world heritage, making this medieval town became one of the leading tourist destinations of Spain.

Transportation to Toledo is very easy, can the public bus or train. Tours can be done in one day. I personally prefer to use the train service. Departing from Atocha Station, less than 1 hour I arrived in Toledo. Toledo train station in a small but very pretty and impressive Every tourist I met immediately play their cameras to document every corner of the station. My first impression upon arrival at Toledo was clean. Toledo government's concern was remarkable. Cleanliness and comfort so that tourists feel welcome to linger here as an advanced number one concern. Downtown Toledo is not great. With 2-3 hours, you are able to explore the city. It's just down the road contours up and hot air (a few degrees centigrade hotter than Madrid) causes the body feels tired. But do not worry, tourism service in Toledo is topnotch. They provide transportation services around the city, ranging from a mini train, double decker bus, horse-drawn carriage through. Just choose which one to board.

Visit this city, you seemed to be taken a time machine back to the Spanish in the renaissance. Various monuments and ancient buildings scattered throughout the city and most of them well maintained. As the city once ruled by many nations of the world, from the Romans to the Moors, many precious relics which unfortunately missed, so I if you only miss one day in this beautiful little town. Some of the interesting places in Toledo that I recommend include the Alcazar, a fortress situated at the highest point of the city. Built around the early twentieth century-10M, this building was originally a stronghold of the Muslim nation. Lovers of Gothic-style buildings can visit Santa Iglesia Primada sophisticated interior and decorated with lots of wood carvings, sculptures, paintings as well. Not only will you see the church in Toledo, but also mosques and synagogues (Jewish place of worship). Traditions and cultural diversity that makes this small town is unique and must be visited.

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