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Vacationing while strengthening the faith

Vacationing while strengthening the faith

Everyone has their own motivations when traveling. Some of them have a goal to have fun, form of 'escape' from the routine, a pastime, or improve the quality of the relationship with the creator. Yes, now began varied choice destination for those who want pilgrimages, especially to Christians.

The usual pilgrimage usually in the middle east. You can start it from Egypt, the Holy Land, to set foot in Jordan. Been to Egypt you will find many works of prehistoric relics, such as the pyramids and the Sphinx. There is also Aby Syirga church, Ben Ezra syangogue, and Hanging Church.

Aby Syirga church

Hanging Church 

Spiritual excursions not stop. You can explore the Egyptian border, the Taba Border. Next, visit Old Cairo and the Ben Ezra Synagogue which is the oldest synagogue in Egypt. Visitors also had the opportunity to see the making of papyrus paper which is ancient Egypt. Meanwhile, in the evening, you can spend time with tracing the Nile while enjoying treats traditional Egyptian dance.

taba border

ben ezra synagogue
old cairo
nile river

Do not forget to allow yourself exposed to the charm of Mount Sinai, which could give sensation. Mountain has a height of 2285 meters is located in the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Sensing masterpiece so extraordinary universe would further add to the admiration and gratitude to the Creator.

Mount Sinai

Sinai Peninsula 

Having climbed the trail tread in the Sinai Peninsula, which is the final part of the journey in Egypt is our country going into the land of Canaan. In undertaking a spiritual journey, the pilgrims have to prepare everything carefully. Ensure the information received is quite complete, both the route and the political and climatic conditions of the place of destination. In addition, maintaining healthy before traveling into a must do.

land of Canaan

Planning for spiritual tourism at the end of the year can be the right choice for the Christian. If interested, you can contact the tour operator and travel nearest to where you are getting all the information is complete and interesting with a safe and comfortable journey. The peace of Christ be with you.

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