Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hidden Cities

Uncover Asia’s best-kept secrets with Anthony Morse

Hidden Cities centres on host Anthony Morse’s penchant for discovering Asia’s forgotten treasures. Spanning across seven countries and with the aid of local guides, archaeologists, historian, and scientist, Anthony’s adventures provide a deeper insight to the lives and cultures of Asia.

Anthony Morse’s unpretentious hosting and genuine interest makes watching the show highly engaging. He strives to unearth tales, cultures and traditions by participating in every possible way. Besides uncovering Thai temple relics on the ground where it was once the majestic kingdom of Lanna, and unraveling the dark past of a mining community in Sumatra, Anthony also rubbed shoulders with former First lady of Philippines, in the presidential palace, which housed her infamous shoes collection. Watch him be baffled by the news that Chinese imperial musicians in ancient China were executed when they played a note out of tune.

Come January, Hidden Cities will air episodes on Sichuan, Philippines and Sarawak. Discover the mystery of these Asian cities: the hanging coffins of the bo people in Sichuan; the prison with invisible walls in the Philipines; and the secrets behind a disappearing headhunting tribe in Sarawak

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