Saturday, September 3, 2011


Hidden in the East Samosir

executive summary by Darmansjah godjali

Journey to the North Sumatra is not only complacency should in Medan. Crossing the largest volcanic lake in the world. Lake Toba, is one activity that must not miss. Especially when traveling to the villages directly side by side with him are always uncovering interesting things to be traced more deeply.

Just as if the walk to the island of Samosir. It is believed, from the island of Samosir Batak tribe was derived. Island, Lake Toba volcano in the middle of this long-resound his name as a favorite tourist destination. Interesting to see there is a direct customs Batak people who managed to survive the current onslaught of modernization. Customs and traditions are also still strongly held by each offspring despite having migrated away from the homeland.

But in fact, relics of ancestors who survived not only that. If towards the east coast of Samosir, there is another side is revealed and no less steeped in history and cultural values​​, namely the diversity of cultural relics from the period meglitikum.

What is striking is the discovery of some grave stone coffin or sarcophagus, especially on the east coast of the island of Samosir, which is Tomok. In this village found the tomb and relics of megalithic era that makes it one of Batak cultural sites that are sought after by tourists.

In this village there is the tomb of King Sidabutar, which uphold the principle of a major life for the Batak people, summarized in Dalihan Natolu. Sarcophagus is centuries old and became a major tourist magnet, both local and foreign tourists.

Located about 15 km, there Sialiagan Huta village, famous for its stone menhirs are carved into chairs and tables. Here there are also houses relics of King Sialiagan, as well as on the front there is a circular stone chairs arranged around a round table which is also made ​​of stone.

Here the court, where kings, traditional leaders, as well as prosecute enemy shaman king who sits on a small-sized stone chair. While not how far from this area, there is a place of execution made ​​of stone table following tools are first used.

Tomok can be reached from Parapat for 4-5 hours, followed by a crossing about an hour from Ajibata. Ready for an adventure in it? [HDG]

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