Wednesday, September 21, 2011

watching the Earth paintings from the air

Executive summary By Darmansjah

Indonesia is beautiful, for those accustomed to air travel by plane. It is not denied. With more than 1,000 feet altitude, the scenery looks charming face the archipelago.

If lucky, when the sky clean of clouds, overlay plots of rice, boxes of housing or the contours of the mountains topography offers its own painting. If crossing the ocean, blue sea with white beaches and green lines with a mainland coconut tree presents a captivating color transitions. Do not get this scene? White cloud rug will accompany you along the journey.

The view at night before was no less slick. You can see the twinkling city lights that glowed like a star. If you're on the plane during the day and go, the first rays of the sun at sunrise or sunset overlooking anything spectacular.

That is partly the reason air travel is increasingly in demand. In addition to shorten the travel time, another factor is the number of airline and airline tickets that cost more affordable. As Garuda Airways, Sriwijaya Airways and so on, is Indonesian airlines with routes up to 35 flight routes to the eastern parts of Indonesia where even overseas ones, such as Sydney, Australia, or Amsterdam, the Netherlands and East Asia up to Beijing.

Entering the beginning of 2011, airline flights originating from Indonesia promised to apply the best for the consumer convenience of service users with increased domestic flight services, not just an empty slogan is plastered on billboards advertising is great, or giant billboards that collapsed winds swept , but right and proper follow up of all the process of improving this service in the field of operational systems, and of course can be evaluated by the user community itself. For example, internet booking, call center 24 hours non-stop, adding a daily flight frequencies, such as through the addition of a new fleet of Boeing 737-800 NG, as well as Premium Class Jet Embraer.

Now, the ease of obtaining airline tickets is becoming increasingly essential. Luckily, such as airline tickets domestic airlines are readily available in all branches scattered in various cities in Indonesia and various travel agents.

With the ease and convenience offered by air travel, you will enjoy air travel. Do not forget, to dispose of boredom, posing the view when the weather is bright. You will see the panoramic beauty of a very powerful, saw the face of the earth's surface from a height. [HDG]

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