Thursday, September 1, 2011

Listening KL Monorail In Lhe Land Neighbor

Executive summary by Darmansjah

If one function is to showcase the capital of a State, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, managed to run that function. Case there are still plenty of places outside the KL city that appeared to be not organized, that's another matter.

Clearly, anyone who set foot in Malaysia through KL will agree that the city is neat, orderly traffic, safe, and clean.

No urban transportation (public transportation) is reckless scramble passenger or driver to stop at will. Nor was there a black smoke out of the vehicle exhaust. Public transportation in KL is a bus equipped with air conditioning and very clean note. To stop was only at bus stops have been provided.

To explore the TOS, there are three choices of transportation, ie air-conditioned city buses, taxis, and the KL Monorail (single-rail train). Editors suggest, you should choose a bus or KL Monorail to be richer traveling experience. No need to worry about getting lost, because the route followed by the two modes of transport were clearly displayed and we could ask the officers.

KL Monorail which began operating in 2003, connects 11 stations in key locations in KL with a route length of about 8.6 kilometers.

The journey starts from KL Monorail KL Sentral station at Jalan Tun Sambanthan, then stop at Station Tun Sambanthan, Maharajalela Station, Station Hang Tuah, Imbi Station, Station Bukit Bintan, Station Raja Chulan, Bukit Nanas Station, Station Medan Tuanku, Stsiun Chow Kit, and ends at Titiwangsa Station in Jalan Tun Razak. Hanay Each station is about 500 meters to 1 kilometer.

KL Monorail passes be some office buildings and shopping centers. For instance, Maharajalela Station near Petaling Street (China Town), Station Imbi Plaza and Berjaya Times Square Berjaya, Bukit Bintang Station located in the plaza Sunge Wang and Bukit Nanas station close to the Petronas twin Manara.

KL Monorail driving with an average speed of 30 kilometers per hour and operates from 6 am until 12 pm tonight. For each way, just pay a ticket for RM 2.1, or about Rp. 5800.

Well, again via the KL Monorail, the KL show its teeth. Starting from a clean stsiun condition without any scratch and streak free, street vendors or hawkers, to the regularity of waiting and queuing into the KL Monorail is worth a thumbs up.

We never tired of love Indonesia, although the government has never existed, would that we as a society of small and unpretentious, and start from ourselves, to behave disciplines, such as not littering, or the sweetness of school children or college students keep the public walls remain clean with no vandalism, and well-organized sidewalk vendors though for reasons of survival, are not we capable of? Because the City or Village has sunk so deep in their affairs provision dividing the State money, into the coffers of their own group.

We do not hate or patriotic moment when the news gives another the islands and territorial unity of Indonesia in the areas taken over by Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Thailand or Vietnam though; to fight them, because the war will cost very much, from where Countries that have more money minus, for example: there is no development to remote areas in the State frontier, the absence of an adequate fleet to keep the islands and waters of Indonesia, all the aircraft was already obsolete because many are afflicted with the loss of experts or intellectual youth of the nation with useless because the only technological problems of old planes dropped until the aircraft or the sinking of the waters, and welfare of the soldiers were far from prosperous, want proof can be seen in places of military institutions are spread across all areas of the archipelago.

Again, do not be ignorant of this nation, Malaysia imitate, they can afford, the same black hair, brown skin the same color, not much different Malay language, was the same religious majority, what else is wrong, intellectuals are not spelled out a lot but still there. Why can not we? Disciplined not to enrich themselves by not corruption, is not clean it is part of faith, life is very short, why not begin with ourselves for not entangled in a consumerist society, to fill the brevity of this life with things that are not allowed by Religion, is the stage of justice in our country are so dilapidated, that do wrong and loot people's property and the State in quantities very much (it was a matter trillion) was released, it's not justice for the poor or small  can  not pay for services of attorneys who have tariff paid work is very expensive, the results of the trial judge's decision or the hurt of a sense of justice for public, indeed corrupt officials could be free and walked gracefully in this mortal world, could be released from the snare of the law, but remember those sins no will never be separated from the the Court of the Most Just, sooner or later they will die and accountable for the sins they do, surely will not escape from the all-powerful law in the Hereafter.

We, the Indonesian nation, Able, starting from our personal past, until berterbaran with family members, cultural groups, to society. Malaysia Can, proper Already we can say CAN. By action rather than slogans or big ads in the media sweet either audio or visual, and banners are fluttering along the way protocol.

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