Friday, September 16, 2011

Natural Guts-Free Testing in Lombok

Peace of Heaven in the Gulf Coast Ekas, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, invites the tourists for bathing, sunbathing, and surfing. Among the cliff walls there are white sand beaches that tourists freely enjoy sunshine, water play, or enjoy the scenery surrounding waters.

Original Naration by KHAERUL ANWAR, executive summary by Darmansjah

Occasionally we also need to follow the spirit of adventure while on holiday. In addition to testing the guts, adrenaline turmoil may trigger a spirit. Vacation spot that is difficult to access even so the value of its own. Paradise on the Gulf Coast Ekas example. Do not imagine palm trees and light wind. Lapping waves were fierce. The wind was hard. However, the beach is being looked into by the surfers who are looking alleys and hills to ride the waves.

Paradise beach is located in East Lombok, 70 kilometers south east of Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. This region can indeed be said for tourists who like to surf because it has a challenging waves.

To get to the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean Indonesia is full of challenges. The difficulty of the journey had begun from Jor Hamlet, Village Pemongkong. 12 km asphalt road along most of the badly damaged and perforated. Many climbs are asphalt roads buried by landslides peeling, which become muddy in rainy season.

While transportation is less smooth, the condition does not discourage tourists. Indeed, most guests at Paradise Beach are foreign tourists. They did not hesitate to rent a two-axle car from Denpasar, Bali, to be safe until the goal.

The atmosphere of these attractions was calm, quiet, natural, no hawkers who offer goods on tourists. That sounds just the roar of the waves and bird sounds great-grandchildren shouted. About 10 years ago surfers still stay at home resident or anyone brought a tent and sleeping hammocks hanging from wear.

When even this relatively limited amount of lodging. There are only about 20 rooms that include five rooms around Paradise Beach (Hamlet scarf Slag), 15 rooms again about 1 km to the north of the beach, located on the hill. Lodging Hotel Heaven on The Planet on the beach and the hill managed Kerry Black, an expert on coral reefs from New Zealand.

If you stand on this hill above the beach of Heaven, and saw the cluster of hills that stretches from the north to the western Gulf of Ekas, like watching the girl lying asleep, so Kerry Black described the bay area in 1977 swept the tsunami. From this place, can be seen the sunrise with a backdrop of Mount Rinjani.

Naim, hotel employees, said the number of foreign tourists who visited the area on an average of 40-50 people, with length of stay of four to five days. A decade earlier there are surfers who live more than a month.The travelers usually provide money for 60 Australian dollars per person for double the cost of the vehicle bergardan (Troofer Chevrolet and Ford Everest) capacity of six people. Passengers can be picked up directly at the airport Selaparang, Mataram.

According to Naim, for rent rooms including eat three meals, laundry, and others charge 240 Australian dollars per day. Diving facilities are also available here with a rental price of 35 Australian dollars. If more lazy to walk, bike available at a rate of 15-20 Australian dollars.

While trying on a steep road at that location, tourists can stop by the house residents to weave a variety of rattan products or skinfold (type of grass that propagates in the tree).


This beach has waves left (surfers pushed to the left) and right waves (surfers pushed to the right). Surfing activity usually carried out twice, ie at 08:00 to 11:00 and 15:00 to 18:00 o'clock, with the busiest season in March through September.

In certain seasons, the waves are tubular (pipe) and wall (wall) may reach a height of 5 meters. Beach waves that produce a white froth that many people figured that the middle like a flock of sheep walking around.

After surfing, you can lie on the white sand. You also can visit the cliff full of fossil shells dating back some years ago 6000-100000. At that time, sea levels 50 feet above the present. In the afternoon, the walls of golden sun highlighted

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