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Lombok-Bali-Surabaya from the bike

executive summary by darmansjah

Overnight at a hotel in the city Ampenan. Ampenan itself is a district that goes into the city of Mataram. Formerly it was the center of the island of Lombok, so that we can find old buildings are unfortunately less well maintained.

Night unless, Om Om TP and Zam, another chance to search for food Lombok typically very famous Chicken Plecing Taliwang and Watercress in a diner in Ampenan. Foods that are typical of young eggplant with a spicy sauce. But ultimately Om Om Zam TP and managed to eat the food in the morning after the wrapped and taken to the Hotel.

We slept soundly that night.

After dawn, when the day had started brightly, Om Om TP and the opportunity to come back around Ampenan Awank. Om TP intend to buy a toothbrush which somehow disappeared somewhere, and it intends to seek Om Awang kale Lombok. Either fruit vegetables kale, let alone Uncle Awank knew.

After circling and looking at some places, which was at about 6 am in some markets are still empty and seems some traders are preparing jualalannya. Finally we found a sizable market is more crowded, perhaps because it Ampenan Market is located on a main road Ampenan-Mataram. There was a funny incident when Om Awank with his confident asking price of the watercress. He sheepishly asked a mother vegetable seller

"Mom, what price his spinach? "
The Mothers who were actually confused. Apparently that was not designated Om Awank collards and kale, but the mother did not sell spinach. Whether it was still sleepy, or does not know the form of kale Om Awank blushed and then move to another vendor indicated by the mother.

Long story short, we ended up with a cheerful face brings some kale tie it to the Hotel Lombok and immediately packaged and then sent through a package to Jakarta.

After breakfast at hotel, we were soon packing to be back toward the West with the ultimate goal of Sheet Harbour. Plan to stay two days in Lombok changed in order to be able to have a lot of time in Bali.

About 9 o'clock, we were out of the hotel and back along the road toward the city center Ampenan Mataram to just buy souvenirs. The streets are flat and wide enough is perfect for sightseeing the morning before noon. We had time to take pictures in front of the governor's office, and do not forget to stop by the JNE to send ‘kale packages’ to Jakarta.

Through downtown Mataram we continue the journey to the area Cakranegara to find souvenirs typical of Lombok. The road began to feel hot, we were circling around the Market Cakranegara and instead had the wrong information when we asked the center for souvenirs, so we had to turn back from the Bus Terminal Sweta back toward Cakranegara. Eventually we managed to find two stores that sell clothes and handicrafts Lombok.

Our long enough in this market, each has chosen a souvenir as evidence has come to Lombok. Time has shown approximately 12 noon, the weather is getting hotter. Om Pri immediately invites us all to soon to Sheet Harbour, because according to information his friends had ordered a bus at the Port with a plan to leave at 2. Distance of about 25km to the Port Cakranegara the contour of the straight and flat.

We were soon spur the pace of our bikes with the rest of the force Fried Rice provided at the Hotel. Got plans for lunch about 3km further to the Port, but we eventually SKIP because it was already 20 minutes less than 14 hours. Once we arrived at the Port, was just the crew bus that would take us to Bali is waiting. Soon we were packing our bikes to enter the trunk buses. May be a rare sight for people in there, see how the bike could be folded into smaller ones. Some were asking about how much is it? And asked us begin the journey from where? And other questions which we answered one by one.
Apparently we still have to wait more than an hour because Ferry has not arrived yet. While waiting for some of us took time to find a bite of rice stalls around the port, and buy water and snacks for the journey four hours on the ship.
At about 4pm after the unloading process is completed, the ship was soon moved from Sheet Harbour. Om  Pri and Heru immediately seek to hire position for sleeping mat and soon both fell asleep. Others chose to sit on the deck of ship looking at the high seas.
Marine waters between Bali and Lombok is famous for lots of dolphins, we kept waiting for his presence that we could not see at the time from Bali to Lombok because at that time the ship leaves at midnight. Approximately 2 hours journey begins busy people shouting "dolphins!". Soon we moved to the outskirts of the ship and it seemed a group of dolphins came flocking. The view that only takes place within minutes it was quite a bit entertaining boredom in the Ship.  Om Pri and Heru is asleep can not enjoy the scenes of a dolphin jumping and passing.

By about 21pm last ship in the port of Padang Bai lean. Our bus ride immediately resume a trip to Denpasar. There was a funny incident was so out of the ship. Bus conductor soon struggling to calculate how many passengers. Apparently there will be a survey towards the exit port. There are two examinations, namely the examination and inspection by the Agent ID Card Bus. Possible to reduce the number of passengers prior to the examination and Om  Pri and Om Zam who happens to be sitting in the back seat by the bus conductor told to hide in the back of the bus. And with other tricks bus conductor told passengers who do not have ID cards to hide in the toilet.

Examination conducted by the police is reportedly to prevent and reduce illegal migrants from Lombok. Some young people asked the police to come down and do further investigation on the Police Station. Whether because his ID card was problematic, or the police was used and the smell cues and strategies agency that illegal migrants will cross to Bali. We waited quite a long time the young kids took the bus back, and according to the bus conductor had young kids have to pay for each 100 thousand in order to resume the journey. Whether what the money is 100 thousand?

The bus finally drove back to Denpasar, passing through our streets yesterday. We can recall how we passed this street before midnight, chased by dogs and several other events. Apparently the bus did not pass through the path we passed through the path turning towards Gianyar Bypass to Denpasar. The streets are wide, but many in some places broken and hollow which makes us wary of the fate of our bikes in the trunk.

Since our bus ride eventual goal is Ubung Terminal located around the border area outside the city, so we dropped in on Bypass Ngurah Rai. After packing our bikes and set each of us continue the journey to Kuta with a distance less than 25km. Bypass streets are wide and slightly undulating make us re-divided into several groups. At T-junction towards Sanur - Denpasar direction we re-grouping.

Approximately one hour later we went on trips are accompanied by drizzle and wet roads. Shadows are soft mattresses and bathrooms with hot water already in the eyelid. Entering the Kuta area is not ternah sleep, we tried to find lodging, flights. From the start of Poppies I, II and several smaller streets and alleys we entered, and we realized it was already 2 am. Many hotels have put up "No or FULL ROOM" Or the guard was asleep. Drowsiness and cape made us decide to start looking for other alternatives; And the choice is to sleep on Kuta Beach.
The atmosphere of Kuta Beach after rain is still a bit crowded, seen a few people still walking along the beach or just sitting in pairs on sand. In a post beside the public toilets eventually become the right choice for the rest. Even some of us had time to shower and clean themselves, but there also was asleep in the court of the post and on the sand. Showers are back down, and disorders of mosquitoes make that choose to sleep on the beach should move to find an area not affected by rain water running.

Time was running so fast, suddenly, the morning was approaching. The officer had just come public toilets and gently drive us away. The outskirts of the Kuta Beach merchants have started arriving and setting up his wares. Once the merchandise is ready we ordered coffee and sweet tea and pastries for breakfast.

Did not feel was a week we left the house, we discussed back in preparation for home. Plan to stay longer in Bali finally canceled, we decided to go back to Jakarta by plane afternoon. After breakfast is finished, proceed to the Kuta Square to look for souvenirs. After that the hunt for souvenirs continued on around the area of ​​roadway and approximately Joger KUTA. Om Om Zam TP and split to go back to Denpasar while the other leads to the airport.

It was getting daylight, after Om Om TP and Zam back from Denpasar, we finally met again at the airport gate. Shadow to go home with pesawatpun eventually vanished after we tried to find tickets on various airlines counter. Ticket prices are suddenly jumped to make us think to look for other alternatives back to Jakarta. Indeed, before this trip we had to calculate the estimated price of the ticket but was in fact his misses, we finally decided to find a bus to Surabaya.

There are two bus options fact is, Naik DAMRI with tickets to Surabaya or ride the public bus to Surabaya. According to Om Pri brother who happened to meet again to drop off bags and luggage that we previously Leave, depart DAMRI 16:00 hours from Denpasar to then take a train from Ketapang to Surabaya. We were rushed immediately to Denpasar because we have to come directly to the office DAMRI to buy tickets. While the remaining approximately 40 minutes and distance from surrounding Airport to Denpasar approximately 20km. And unfortunately a traffic jam once, whether there is anything, we must be smart to choose the way in order to quickly get to Denpasar. And it turns out DAMRI office address was rather difficult to find, either because we were so hurry so did not see it or because of other things we do not know. Once we try to call someone over there to preach that the bus had already left and the next departure is tomorrow at 5 am.

Hmmm first plan fails, the shadow home, soft bed began to move away. Finally we took the second option in the hope there is still a bus from Terminal Ubung to Surabaya. Body is very tired makes us slow down to take approximately 10km to the Terminal Ubung. Thankfully there are buses that will leave at 18 to Surabaya. Soon we were counting travel time to calculate the Denpasar-Surabaya in Surabaya possible in order to arrive before 7 o'clock in the morning to then take a train to Jakarta. If all according to plan, expected bus will arrive at Terminal Surabaya at 6 am, and the distance from the terminal to the Pasar Turi approximately 10km, it will be enough to hope there are still tickets available.

While waiting for the bus departure, we eat either lunch or dinner. Promptly at 18 bus was out of Terminal Ubung. Passing Tabanan devour us again about the trip for hill climbs around Tabanan. Buses are very comfortable, with pillows and blankets with only six of us + 1 other person makes us free to choose a seat and some of us immediately fell asleep. In some places the bus stops to raise the passengers but only two or three people.

Approximately 21 hours, our bus ride was on the Ferry that will take us across the straits of Bali to Ketapang. While others fell asleep in the bus, Tp Om, Om Om Pri Dody and off the bus and climbed to the deck Fery. Om Pri instead had felt massage masseur in Fery.

Then after the bus out of Fery, proceed from Ketapang to pass Situbondo Surabaya, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Sidoarjo exactly through all the streets we passed a few days earlier. Because the journey is almost midnight supported by empty streets, bus drivers kendarannya spurred by always taking the road on the right, in some places even had an accident. In fact towards the town of Situbondo after exit from the region next glass glaze bus stoned by the people making the windshield is almost hollow, fragments until they felt on a bus. The bus then stops in Situbondo for lunch. Really we were lucky to choose this bus. Empty bus, too fast, given meals and snacks by paying 110 thousand leads us to Surabaya.

Toward 6 o'clock in the morning, we arrived at the bus terminal in Waru area, not far in the rear tire exploded Om Ridwan. Soon our bikes out of the trunk and back packing our luggage and headed to Pasar Turi. Apparently surabaya out rain, the road looks wet and a puddle of water in some places.

Once we arrived at Pasar Turi Station, we immediately bought a train ticket. After the tickets held by us, the shadow of Jakarta, came back home. At a stall at the edge of the station we had breakfast and a shower. And then after that back to our folding bikes to get into the station.

Promptly at 8 the train began to move from Pasar Turi. Because we train naikin this time is the train executives, with little comfort to our sleep debt can rest redeem during our trip.

Inside the train we got back to see pictures of our trip for a week full of laughter, jokes, disagreements, exhaustion and all sorts of feelings that hopefully makes us better know each character and make us become more familiar with each other .

Not common knowledge that the train is always late, so this train. That should have arrived at Jatinegara station at 18, almost 20 new up and stopped at Jatinegara.

Om  Heru ,Om  pri and split to go to Rawamangun, others re-cycled into their homes.
And JARAMBAH was completed.

Much can be learned on this trip we were, at least not a vain journey, and not to boast has been traveling a lot with the bike. But rather to measure the ability of each of us, how to manage egos, and how to appreciate the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Greeting us say many thanks to:
• Family: wife's child, the future of his beloved wife at home
• Temen - ROGAD friend who gave support during the trip
• Om Akung the SDH offers a place to stay in Pasuruan though with regret that we can not use it
• Om Heru for the free t-shirts
• Our Bikes
• Om Pri Temen and brother in Bali and Lombok
• And all the parties can not we called one by one.
Travel time: 17 Nov - 25 November
Total trip: approximately 720km
Additional travel cost estimates. (Excluding personal expenses)
The train ticket JKT-Surabaya Business: 180 Thousand
Saweran meals, snacks / day, Fery @ 50 thousand: 300 thousand
Saweran Hotel 3 X @ 50 thousand: 150 Thousand
Mataram-Denpasar Bus fare: 100 thousand
Bus fare Denpasar - Surabaya: 110 Thousand
Railway ticket-JKT Jakarta Executive: 260 Thousand
TOTAL: 1, 1 Million

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