Sunday, May 22, 2011

Travel | China

Long Holiday Full Impressions

the Great Wall

Forbidden City

FOR who want to travel during the long holiday in June-July and Idul  Fitri, in May became a busy time for choosing a destination and plan a tour that will be done. Understandably, a long time off allows each person to choose more destinations, such as China.
Summer Palace

Once the potential of tourism in China, some travel agencies in Indonesia trying to offer an attractive package with its own added value. Do not miss TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com with interesting articles such as: http://TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com  Invites tourists to enjoy and drink in the information presented as performances acrobat and try the food typical Beijing Ducks while looking at famous buildings and monuments, like the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, and the Olympic Stadium.
Tiananmen Square

There are also a visit to the Terracotta Horses and Warriors, which is a statue of the royal army of the Qin Dynasty are buried in the ground hundreds of years ago in the City of Xian. After that the city of Guilin is famous for its beautiful scenery along the Li River and also to the Reed Flute Cave to see the stalactite and stalagmite with various forms of bias light colored lights.
 the City of Xian
the city of Guilin

 the Li River
the Olympic Stadium
 the Reed Flute Cave

Meanwhile, the views of pine trees that grow on rocks a landscape that will be encountered on Mount Huangshan.
Mount Huangshan.

No less exciting is upstairs Oriental TV Tower in Shanghai City is renowned as the most expensive city, modern and cosmopolitan with infrastructure  with chic and modern in a good flowing traffic control, pleasing to the eye and memorable to be traced through a  maintain Intermoda very good also even though Shanghai is famous for its Business However the city does not miss the local knowledge of Chinese.
Oriental TV Tower
Shanghai City 

Tips for traveling to China

Tour to China many see the outdoor attractions and sometimes have to walk far. You must maintain health, to the take vitamins, supplements.

Dry air and heat often experienced by visitors to China in summer temperatures can reach levels of 40 degrees Celsius, to prepare it gloss, hat, wet tissue, ultraviolet protection, and umbrella.

Bring local currency of China, Yuan (RMB) from the State of origin of each line switch to prevent large amounts of money in the hotel lobby.

Use comfortable shoes that used to travel far as sneakers because the tour will be a lot of pickles on foot.

souvenirs in China is generally local city local products.

For domestic flight check-in process in China, continue to use the passport, do not let your passport remains in the large trunk.


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