Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lombok Island

 Beautiful Lombok  

Lombok's been a long time dream list enter the place to go. Testament as a failed friend always, schedules never match each other. Until finally one friend asked me with enthusiasm to Lombok, regardless of whether harpitnas on May 16, yesterday going to leave together or not. It's really the intention to take annual leave quota.

Preparation is very short, only the remaining two weeks of hunting for airfare and hotel. Fortunately, good luck on my side, after waiting for a ticket price that does not go down, I casually opened its web GIA. How happy I was when found to Kupang route Denpasar-Mataram-the most inexpensive price compared to the Lion and Batavia.

Originally I planned to stay in the area of ?Senggigi, but a lot of friends who suggested I'd better stay in Mataram, considering if fairly quiet night in Senggigi. Finally, I chose to stay at the Crown Hotel, with a reasonable price and very strategic place, not far from the Mataram Mall and to the Inbound Market, as anticipating will easily get something to eat or if you want to buy souvenirs.

May 13 afternoon, I departed from Kupang transit in Denpasar for 4 hours, a new night off again to Mataram. 4 hours transit in Denpasar, I do not waste it, is very close to the Ngurah Rai airport to Kuta beach. Window shopping in Centro, continue down to the beach for a while, unfortunately all of a sudden drizzle coming. Was dispersed hunting events. Finally, that afternoon I spent a glass of hot chocolate.
Eight and a half hours last night the plane went well, after a delay of one hour (keep it), just a flash of a sudden the plane had come down at the airport Selaparang Mataram. That night the air was fresh, because apparently the newly fallen rain. After my friend from Surabaya landed, immediately drove to the hotel by paying a taxi costing 30 thousand(in rupiah currency).

Mataram in the morning shining bright. My friend kept his promise, shortly after I finished breakfast he comes, he plans that would drive me round and round chilli. Mayura Park-Lingsar Pura Narmada was the place not too far away, in one path to the Kuta beach in South Lombok. Mayura Park that morning was very quiet, only we are coming, while in some of the side is undergoing renovation. In my Lingsar Pura and friends follow the tradition of throwing coins into the pool, just for fun, then watch the tradition of fish calling "sacred". The fish finally appears also after provocation with salted egg smells very fishy. Continue to Taman Narmada, pretty busy here, lots of swimming, the atmosphere is shady, baby pool a bit dirty, there are several plastic garbage floating in Lake Ageng.

Remove from Narmada Park, we drove south, past the Praya, through building new Mataram Airport, across the resorts Sasak village, Sasak village knows which one often enter the TV, because we passed more than 2 traditional village there. Next we passed a village which stood behind the verdant hills. Old-old township was transformed into a row of hotels and cafes along the side of the road. In one of our café stops, it's time for lunch. Once off the car, my eyes wide open, almost in disbelief, the scene before the eyes really conjure eye. Matchless beautiful. A towering green hills, while the bluish-green ocean lies beneath. Deep inside the other hand seems a few chunks of towering rocks. Beautiful. This is Kuta beach of Lombok. Relatively quiet if it should be compared to Kuta beach in Bali, but Lombok's Kuta beach in my opinion is much more beautiful.

Visible Caucasian couples was teaching his infant daughter to swim, very funny. While on the other hand appears to her Caucasian friends were reading a book while occasionally chatting with the kids who never stop souvenir hawkers surrounding them.

Back to the café, the food is ready. Lots of souvenir hawkers who was waiting there, a bit disturbing, but cool it is. Before long, they chose to surround Caucasian couple at the next table who was busy chatting with the owner of the café.

we want out of the café, the owner approached us, to thank as he cupped his hands across his chest. Furthermore, my friend drove on to the east ... to the place where my back wide-eyed witness its beauty. See you on "the beach of Tanjung Aan".


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