Friday, May 27, 2011

Taiwan, Asia Heart of Enchanting


TAIWAN. State nicknamed Formosa, which in Portuguese means beautiful island, has a variety of interesting attractions to visit. Starting from the historic to the city's unique architecture.

The first port of call of course is in the capital, Taipei. In this megapolitan city, tourists can see a charming architectural designs. Urban landscape is filled with traces of occupation Chinese dynasty, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese. Starting from the presidential palaces, temples, monuments, museums, and other historic buildings.

One of which must be visited is the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Building that is a tribute to President Chiang Kai-shek has a distinctive architecture. 70 meters high building was built with white marble walls and floors are blue.

  the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

The roof of the building is very unique, shaped ren (man) and rises into the sky (like a cone shape) which is a symbol of harmonious relations between man and nature.

Meanwhile, special for lovers of historical objects, do not miss visit to the National Palace Museum, which is an art gallery that has the most Chinese artifacts in the world.

the National Palace Museum

For modern architecture, Taiwan has an icon that is Taipei 101 Shopping Mall. This penthouse has a height 509 meters and recorded as one of the three tallest buildings in the world.

 Taipei 101 Shopping Mall

Not only the architecture tour, Taiwan also has other attractions of the National Park, culinary tours, and shopping places are incomplete and will not disappoint for Taiwan visa holders.


For those who want to travel shopping and unique culinary Taiwan, the obligatory visit Liuho Night Market in Kaoshiung and Shilin Night Market in TaipeiThe night market is unique, not only because they provide a variety of souvenirs and culinary goods, but also a comfortable and unique atmosphere.

  Liuho Night Market in Kaoshiung

Shilin Night Market in Taipei

Taiwan's natural landscape is equally interesting. In the area Halien, Taroko Gorge in the mountains there are beautiful marble and amazing steep cliffs and a charming mountain scenery. For those who liked the water attractions to visit Sun Moon Lake in the largest natural lake in Taiwan against the background of a beautiful jade mountain.

 Taroko Gorge

 Sun Moon Lake

For those of you who want a pilgrimage, Taiwan has a For Kuang Shan Monastery. In that place there are 32 meter tall Buddha statue which is surrounded by 480 other statues. Near from there you can go to the Dragon and Tiger Pagodas and Lotus pond. Various trips can be enjoyed, among others through articles and TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com site and want to drink real pleasure, has a single package tours offered by travel agents such as Dwidaya Tour, Want to try? Immediately, contact the travel agency Tour Dwidaya ready to take care of and pamper you travel as well as comfort in traveling in Taiwan.

 Kuang Shan Monastery

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