Friday, May 27, 2011

Road Humming at Fujiyama

executive summary by DarmansjahGodjali

Imagine when she was driving suddenly heard the strains of music, instead of our car audio equipment from the road but we passed. Very fun course. That's what I experienced towards the end of last October, when delivered Yosino san on the way to Mount Fuji.

Moments after entering the toll gate Subaruline, Yosino san suddenly turn off audio easy listening tunes, including some Indonesian songs that accompany us throughout the trip about two hours from home relatives, Om Endo, the number Yukigaya, Tokyo. 'I'll give it a surprise for you', so said Yosino san, before I could ask him why. I was a bit wrinkled and looked at him. He then raised his left index finger into the ear with a witty face, 'father, listen a moment longer', he said. And ... a few seconds later there was something amazing. There was a clear melodious strains of tone, 'du du du duddu duudu dduuu', for a few seconds. 

 the toll gate Subaruline

Strains of the tone was coming from the friction of tires and asphalt streets. Apparently the texture of asphalt  made ​​in such a way that when grinding her car tires, tire friction will cause the sounds are beautiful. Frankly,though it was never heard anything like this, which is usually called the 'singing road', the first time I really hear and feel the rhythm of the tune. With an atmosphere that was overcast and wet with light rain, the atmosphere all the way to Mount Fuji climb was more beautiful refreshing. Especially with a smooth and quiet streets, and the start of the season dedauan color change (changing color). Colorful leaves interspersed with lush greentrees and red golden yellow color is very attractive.

Actually, when I set out have been warned not to expect too much to see Mount Fuji because of the weather more unpredictable. Just like the Yen which was recently also very volatile. From the original in the range of 110-Yen per U.S. Dollar, suddenly rose sharply to a level of 77 per U.S. dollar and is now in the range of an 80-yen per U.S. dollar. Indeed, when already slim hopes of initially entering the region Kawaguchi, and even when passing through toll gates Subaruline, the weather was still cloudy with rain drizzling.

Similarly, when we arrived at the Fuji Visitor Center, which is said is usually the most beautiful view point because I could see Mount Fuji, which is famous with eternal snow on the peak, with a liberal is still too dark foggy. Could not see at all. As a precaution, we decided to go into the visitor center just to catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji and a view of history in the most beautiful moments through the film.

We also then traveled over the top. Gratitude can get to the view point of the fifth (5th station), which is usually closed when the weather is bad or snowy. Fortunately, getting to the top, the weather suddenly turned bright if only briefly. As if only given the chance to me to just see the beautiful panorama of Fujiyama.

 the beautiful panorama of Fujiyama

The weather was sunny for a while, we met at the 3rd station. Yosino san had invited us to stop briefly to enjoy the weather and views of Mount Fuji fresh. Do not forget, he, without being asked offered to photograph me with Mount Fuji in the background of the foreground foliage that has begun to change color. Some visitor apparently do the same. We only stopped briefly and continued on toward the 5th station, which is reputedly the best place to enjoy the sights Fujiyama.

And really, really lucky we were at that time. Once there, the weather suddenly turned sunny. I also gained considerable discretion enjoyed Fuji mountain scenery and small gardens are beautifully manicured typical Japanese, with their leaves begin to yellow and red gold. Unfortunately I could not see the 'hat' Mount Fuji is snowy white. Usually, the snow continues to adorn the top of Fujiyama. When I ask this to Yosino san, he said (while smiling), 'this might be the impact of global warming sir.”

Do not forget Yosino san offered to buy bread typical of Fuji mountain which was very delicious. Bread-shaped white Fuji mountain it feels more and more delicious in the middle as the weather gets cold.

Less than 30 minutes, the weather suddenly back down the dark and drizzle. We then immediately get into the car and drove back toward Tokyo to join the Om Endo and relatives for dinner at a restaurant shabu-shabu issupposedly best in the world.

While eating shabu-shabu sauce is indeed a very steady, I still imagine the beauty panorama of Fujiyama. Ifeel very fortunate to be able to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Fujiyama day.

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