Saturday, May 28, 2011

Survive In The Midst Of Incursions

Survive in the Midst of incursions

Executive summary By Darmansjah

Strains of the faint sounds of Sundanese music while visiting one of the corners in the city of Bogor as so hypnotizing. Lilting and melancholy feel. 

Bogor Palace

Even so close to the capital city, the resort town since the days of Dutch was still showing a touch of typical culture of West Java.

Bogor also was not just a row of factory outlets and collection of food-which is the reason many people to always visit every week. In one corner, in the area Loji, can also be found a puppet-making workshop place.

 Botanical  Park Bogor

Just to refresh your mind, "Wayang Golek" show is one of the distinctive culture of Sundanese people who made of wooden dolls. It took about 3-4 days to make, depending on the level of complexity carvings and details.

Performing his own puppet show increasingly difficult to find. In fact, the development shows "Wayang Golek" show became the medium to spread the religion of Islam. There are many moral messages spoken by the puppeteer during the performance.

Now, the art of puppet show is more widely used as a unique souvenir from West Java to foreign applicants is not small. Who would have thought, from a house that is not how much, a "Wayang Golek" show was exported to many countries in Europe and Asia, such as the Netherlands, France, Germany, India, Japan, and more.

This is at least positive member of the wind for the survival of art "Wayang Golek" show an increasingly oppressed movement currents of modernization.Apart from West Java was the art of puppet show can also be found in the Betawi culture. However, rather than the stories of Ramayana or Mahabharata is narrated in the show, but the story of the original legends Betawi. Call it, 'Si Jampang', 'Si Pitung', or 'Si Manis Jembatan Ancol'  which has been known by the people of Jakarta.

 "wayang golek"

Although this performing arts increasingly displaced from the everyday lifeof society, many crafters puppeteer and puppet show of art that continue to survive. In the midst of modernization and limited capital flows, there is always a gap to continue to blow the soul.

In this spirit, is expected to show puppet show and art world would not be just a legend as told in the baby before bed, with the beginning the words "Once upon a time ...."

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