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Indonesia Less Capture Opportunities

executive summary By Darmansjah

Among the maritime adventurer who likes to sail round the world using a high-poster sailboat, Indonesia is well known. Fame is related to the potential of natural and cultural wealth, as well as many marine park location along a beautiful ocean waves roll so interesting to visit and enjoy.
maluku halmahera forest

That's why, when he learned held Sail Indonesia, they immediately signed up to become a participant. Just look at the Sail Indonesia 2010, approximately 500 units from several countries sailboat registered owner, but by "Yayasan Cinta Bahari "as managers are forced to restrict the activities of only 106 units with 200 of the participants.

They started their voyage from Darwin, Australia, on July 28, 2010. From there, the adventure is headed Banda (Maluku) and Kupang (East Nusa Tenggara), then proceed to several cities until finally stop K at 10 to 15 October 2010, before heading to Singapore and Malaysia.

 East Nusa Tenggara

"We had a wonderful trip in Indonesia. Here are many beautiful places and fantastic. Unfortunately, we only get a visa permit for two months, when we want to survive much longer in Indonesia, "said Glen Middletow (59), Sail Indonesia participants from Canada who with his wife, Marilyn, and their son, Jaryd (15), followed Sail Indonesia 2010.

Regulatory hurdles

Why do foreign tourists were so enthusiastic to follow the Sail Indonesia? What is of interest solely because he wanted to enjoy the beauty of the panoramic sea, coastal, and Indonesian culture?

Sail Indonesia 2010 A number of participants who met Compass in Belitong confess, the beauty of the panorama is not the only factor that encourages them to participate in that activity. It also sparked interest in the ease for foreign sailboat entering Indonesian territory held during the Sail Indonesia.

"Our sailboat at acquitted of various charges into Indonesian territory if the Sail Indonesia participants. Hence, we take advantage of this golden opportunity, "said Nancy, from the United States, who with her husband, Chris, following the Sail Indonesia 2010.

It must be acknowledged there are a number of regulations in Indonesia turned out to inhibit the entry of foreign tourists, especially the maritime adventurer. First, foreign sailboat pocketed the permission required to enter the territory of Indonesia. Permits were issued, four parties, namely the Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS), the Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the TNI Headquarters. The licensing process took at least a month.

Secondly, the granting of visas to visit Indonesia is only valid for two months. In fact, foreign tourists that use sailboat which at times can be damaged while sailing. The speed boat was only eight miles per hour, while the waters of Indonesia is very broad. "Malaysia and Turkey, for example, give permission for a tourist visa users sailboat for a year," said Executive Director of Yayasan Cinta Bahari Raymond Lesmana.

Third, since 2006, there are provisions which the Minister of Finance to categorize all the facilities or goods brought in foreign tourists to Indonesia as a temporary import of goods. It applies also to the high piled sailboat used foreign tourists around the world.

For imported goods, auto sailboats were also subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM), and Income Tax (PPh). Total all three types of taxes were about 52 percent of the value of the goods. Price boat an average of Rp 15 billion per unit. This means that foreign tourists have to deposit USD 7.8 billion before entering Indonesia.

Security deposit was paid to the state treasury through the bank, and later taken back when they want to get out of Indonesia. The problem is, the process of taking back the money it always takes a long time, with a convoluted bureaucracy.

Fourth, the Government of Indonesia also requires the bank guarantee in the country of origin of foreign tourists to stay for several months in Indonesia. The problem is no bank in the world who are willing to ensure the citizens of a country to live in another country.

Fifth, if the maritime adventurer that wants to be free from all these provisions, you must have pocketed the letter of guarantee from one echelon officials in Indonesia. The problem is, is it possible the tourists are able to meet with officials of echelon one to take care of and get a letter of guarantee entry into Indonesia in a short time?

Turkey Pattern

Such provisions that inhibit the nautical adventure tourists can not enter any time into the territory of Indonesia. "In fact, if the Government of Indonesia is more flexible in making policy, we believe that thousands of tourists piled high sailboat users go to Indonesia, and can live for months. Incoming foreign exchange was certainly quite a lot, "Raymond said that already eight times held a Sail Indonesia.

Turkey, for example, that about 10 years ago just stop off at 10 units piled high sailboats per year. However, after the state government was providing various facilities, including permit visa for a year, now around 10,000 units a sailboat that enter every year.

The same pattern was replicated in Singapore and Malaysia. In fact, in these countries is also the location of parking built sailboat piled high wide and equipped with various facilities, such as workshops, equipment, and expertise.

Travel around the world usually starts in March and ends in November. Entering December, they returned to their homes in order to celebrate the end of the year with family. During the pause, a sailboat parked in the Marina (Singapore), Turkey, Malaysia, or any other country which has complete facilities. Parking rental fee for an average of 30 dollars per day.

"If Indonesia is more lax regulation and supported various facilities, I believe that Indonesia has become the main destination of thousands of foreign tourists year-round boating screen. Because tourism in Indonesia is very complete, "said Dewi Lesmana, "Yayasan Cinta Bahari "PR. Now, time for the Government of Indonesia should be more observant to see this opportunity, because real income has been in plain sight. (Jannes Eudes Wawa)

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